Dear you,
I decided to set a funny goal: meet as many people as possible before the end of the year, so I really want to know you better!

Here are some stuff that describes myself and some things I like, if you think we could become good friends just send me a message, I'll text you back as soon as I'll see it😉

Reading (i love books!)
Watching tv shows and movies
Anxiety (unfortunately...)
Laughing (a lot)
Listening to music (we could share our fav songs/playlists, it would be soo cool)
Ed Sheeran (obsession)
Long walks (better alone)
Motivating people (I'm the right one if you're searching someone to lift you up)
Writing poems, novels and articles
Taking photos
Editing pics (to post them on WHI)
Party hard (free your mind!)
Playing and going out with my friends

I could say a zillion of other things about me but these are the first ones that popped into my mind so here you are. Always remember to keep an open eye on the world and never stop on the surface, always go deeper!


(if you'd like to know me better you can also follow my instagram acc: @eliss.villa)

in case you were interested ;)