Hi loves!

It has been a while since I wrote an article. I thought it would be nice to write an article about city trips with your boyfriend/girlfriend. So do you and your lover like to travel together? Then quickly read this article and discover the city trips that are fun to do with your boyfriend or girlfriend!

ღ Paris ღ

Paris is of course the city of love. Breakfast together with delicious croissants, walk along the Seine and of course take many pictures with him/her at the Eiffel Tower.

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ღ Barcelona ღ

There is so much to do in Barcelona and you will not be bored for a moment. And if the weather is nice, you can also go to the beach.

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ღ Florence ღ

Florence is a beautiful city in Italy. And yes, Italy has enough beautiful places to visit with your lover. You have beautiful sights and of course there is PIZZA !!!

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ღ Copenhagen ღ

A nice weekend away with your lover to the beautiful city Copenhagen. Rent two bicycles and explore the city on your bikes. It's the best way to explore this city and of course also very fun to do.

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ღ Venice ღ

With your lover sailing in a gondola, very romantic of course. But the whole city also looks romantic. And don't forget to sit on a terrace at the water in the evening.

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ღ Budapest ღ

The Hungarian city is very budget-proof, is great to walk through with your love and if you want to relax, you can relax in the wellness salons. Then you're completely zen when you get back from your trip to Hungary.

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ღ Rome ღ

There is plenty to see and to do in Rome. Walk hand in hand past the Coliseum (don't forget to make a nice selfie together), then eat a nice ice cream and if you have to relax, there are plenty of nice terraces where you can eat delicious pizzas.

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I hope you liked this article. I'm sorry that my English isn't perfect. I live in the Netherlands and English is not my first language.

Lots of love,