If you're anything like me than you're oBsEsSeD with clothes and eVeRy TV show (um ever tbh), I will always take style inspo from tv show characters and here are some of my absolute fave icons :)

Rachel Green

friends, Jennifer Aniston, and rachel image friends, 90s, and rachel image Image removed Image removed

Blair Waldorf

Image removed gossip girl, blair, and blair waldorf image b, beautiful, and blair image gossip girl image

Jackie Burkhart

that 70s show, jackie, and 70s image Mila Kunis, that 70s show, and jackie burkhart image jackie, vintage, and that70sshow image Image removed

Monica Geller

friends, monica geller, and 90s image friends, monica geller, and monica image friends, 90s, and monica geller image monica geller and friends image

(full house) DJ Tanner

90s, full house, and dj tanner image full house image 90's, aesthetic, and full house image Image removed

Summer Roberts

the oc and summer roberts image 00s, comedy, and fashion image rachel bilson, summer roberts, and the oc image the oc, rachel bilson, and shopping image

Brooke Davis

Image by Brooke Davis Temporarily removed Image removed brooke davis and one tree hill image