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I wanted to write my first article so here it is :)
And what better way to start than to write about my favorite (so-called) imaginary world ???
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Name : Isalyn Hamilton

Date of birth : March 17 (1974)

Zodiac sign : Pisces

Appearance :

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Isalyn has hazel eyes, light brown hairs and a medium size. Her skin is very light and when she stays under the sun she doesn't get tanned but lovely freckles pop up all over her cheeks and nose.

Blood status :

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Halfblood : both her parents were halfblooded wizards

Look :

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She loves comfy outfits with happy colors. Her favorite are pink, yellow and green

House :

Hufflepuff <3

"You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Were they are just and loyal,
Those patients Hufflepuffs are true,
And unafraid of toil."
-The Sorting Hat-
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Personality :

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Isalyn is the straightforward kind and always speaks her mind. Because of that she sometimes seems mean. However she never said a thing with the purpose of hurting someone, she would rather help by saying the truth. The two things she values the most are compassion and the fact that no one should judge other people. When people managed to understand that, everybody understood why she ended up in Hufflepuff.

Wand :

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Apple wood, unicorn hair, 9.5 inches, quite bending flexibility

Pet :

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A barn owl named Talia

Patronus :

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Her patronus is a great blue heron

Amortentia smell :

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Honey, blueberries and leather

Favorite class :

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Charms above all

Favorite professor :

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Flitwick, he teaches her favorite class so for sure it helps. But she also admires him for his past of dueling master.

Favorite spell :

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Stupefy : a good way to definitely win a fight without hurting the adversary. Episkey : to heal small injuries

Favorite place :

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The Hufflepuff common room because it's super cosy and the astronomy tower for its stunning view.

Interest :

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Charms, charms and charms, --yeah she is kind of obsess ^^'--. Beside this passion, she loves to play wizard chess, to draw and to cheer up her team at the quiddich games.

Yule ball :

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For this special event she was wearing a light blue dress with some flowers. She also had a very light makeup but let her hairs free as they usually were.

Friends :

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She had many friends but a few with whom she was really close. Hannah and Camilla were two Hufflepuff that shared her room. They were opposite like the sun and the moon. While Hannah was very shy and didn't talk much until you get to know her, Camilla was always the loudest person in the room. But they went very well together and formed an untypical trio with Isalyn. Elandre, her other very good friend was in Ravenclaw so she didn't see her as much as the two others but their friendship was yet very strong.

Love interest :

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Jonathan Brixton, a Gryffindor. After a chaotic start (they didn't exactly became instant friends when they first met), she dated him for her last two years at Hogwarts. They broke up after their graduations because they had to study in different countries. A few years later their paths crossed again and they are now still together. Jonathan is now a Magizoologist.

Adult life :

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After getting her degree in Charms, she started to work for Gringotts Security. Her mission got wider and she is currently travelling the world to developpe new charms to protect various Magical Institutions. Thanks to his job Jonathan can follow her and studies the local creatures.

If you want to know her a little bit more here is her collection

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I would like to add that I own nothing except the character itself, all the credits go to the (amazing) photographers and artists