This is a long story I found, divided in chapters, so you can tell me what you think I felt like really connected in some chapters. I need you to try to become the girl in the story. It's a teenager who starts living her lovelife but certain things happen trough the years, good and bad, and she's gonna learn to deal with it... or not?

Chapter 1 Everything starts with your first love:

Imagine this:

You are on your senior year at high school and suddenly it happens that you have a boyfriend, your first real boyfriend. Everything is perfect the first few months, you see each other everyday, after school, you hang out on weekends, his family loves you to death, all you guys wanna do is spend every minute possible together, you go out to eat, to parties, you go on vacations, have a lot of dreams together.

As months pass by, things start to change, you feel it's not the same but even dough you still love each other and keep on going with the relationship, after all he's your first love and you don't want that to end.

But things start to lose control so you fight almost everyday, the things you used to do together, he rather do it with his friends instead, you are no longer his priority and you can feel it. Even dough things are bad, you are used to each other and you stick to the relationship. Each day more possesive, more jelous, more intense, more weird. He tell you he love's you and that he could never cheat on you...but why would he bring that out, right?

So you start thinking about the possibiliy of him cheating on you, and that drives you crazy, what can you be doing wrong? you ask yourself if maybe you are not enough, that he found someone better, your mind turns into your worst enemy, so you cheat beacause you think it's a good payback, he tought he could make you look like a fool but you prove him wrong.

Days after, you feel so bad about yourself, you start thinking that maybe you overreacted and he wasn't cheating at all. You feel like the worst human being, so guilty, a liar, a failure, a bad girlfriend.

Time pass by and you start to forget about what happened and instead of thinking bad things, you are glad you still have him in your life.

One day he starts to act really weird saying that you deserve someone better, that he is an awful person and you just don't understand what he's talking about. He tells you he wants to talk to you but you never imagine what is going on...

He gets to your house and you can see his eyes are sad, he's not as happy as always, he really seems like he's hurting inside. Suddenly he starts sobbing. You just want to know what the hell is going on. He looks into your eyes and tells you what you were afraid of the most; He cheated on you.

to be continued...