― mashiro hiiragi

― basic information

» name: mashiro hiiragi - 柊 真白
» age: 17
» gender: male
» blood type: 0
» nationality: japanese
» birthday: 13th october
» sexuality: gay
» education: third shibuya high school, 2nd year student

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mashiro is looked up to by most people, but really hates the attention

― familial stats

» family affiliation: hiiragi clan
» rank: heir
» parents: kureto hiiragi & someone unknown
» relation to the hiiragi clan: direct descendant, heir

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as a hiirag, his future normally is already secured, but mashiro rebells against the corrupt system and gets punished a lot for it

― physical stats

» hair: short, always a little messy, orange-red
» eyes: bright green, a small hint of yellow in his left eye
» height: 178 cm
» weight: 67 kg
» skin: a little tanned
» scars: none

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medium tall, a little tanned and a quite lean figure, he normally wouldn't stand out much, if it wasn't for his striking hair color

― character:

» likes: baseball, lychee soda, hoodies & sweaters, yakiniku
» dislikes: mist, cinnamon, bright colors, black coffee, fighting, his family
» strenghts: kendo, high stamina, good at swimming
» weaknesses: tends to overreact, taken back easily by things, sometimes emotionally unstable
» character traits: sarcastic, cyninical, humorous, straightforward, likes to help, empathic

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mashiro is a complex person, often overreacting and being sarcastic, but also with a lot of empathy for others

― backstory

» being born as the son of the hiiragi heir, mashiro was born as someone on the top of the japanese society. he learned soon that the hiiragi clan expected a lot from him, just like his father. mashiro often got compared to him, his grandfather or sometimes his mother. when he was five, however, his mother couldn't bear the pressure of being the wife of future hiiragi leader kureto hiiragi and disappeared from one day to the other. mashiro was devastated, but his mother's name became a taboo soon and he learned not to ask any further questions. upon entering elementary school, mashiro got to know tsukiko ichinose. though he obviously knew the name of tsukiko's mother, mahiru, who declined being the heir to the hiiragi clan a long time ago, he never knew what the woman looked like. so when he met tsukiko, he thought of another normal girl from one of the lower families. she didn't speak during their first months, still grieving over her late mother, but the two came along well. it wasn't until one of the caretakers saw them and told kureto about it that they recognized each other. mashiro didn't understand why it was wrong for him to play with a girl named ichinose, but when she one day didn't come back to the playground, he resorted back to not asking any questions. middle school came and so did mashiros first real friendship with ryuuji, whom he met during their first homeroom class. they soon became best friends, both families accepting of the friendship between a hiiragi and a shijin, one of the direct branch families. but tsukiko started attending the school along chiaki and the group soon became friends. nobuyuki and kameko, both part of the class, too, soon joined and the group, that would later become the most known in their high school, was completed.

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he normally doesn't talk often about his past and the only person, he ever told about his mother was nobuyuki, while tsukiko just knew

― friends and else

» best friends:
his cousin tsukiko has been his best friend since they were six year old. they understand each other without words and would not hesitate to do everything for the other. while they often argue about everything, they still get along very well. mashiro does everything so tsukiko won't be treated badly by the hiiragi family. tsukiko would fight even mashiros father to keep her cousin safe.

ryuuji has been one of mashiros closest friends since their middle school days when they were sitting next to each other during classes. back then, they were bonding over pranks they pulled on basically everyone, nowadays it's how to harass the hell out of the other hiiragi family members.
at first, mashiro wasn't pleased to hear about ryuuji and tsukiko dating, but later on supported them.
chiaki shichikai and mashiro have known each other for as long as tsukiko and mashiro do. they all met on a playground in tokyo, where they became friends. chiaki and mashiro's friendship can be described as highly sarcastic, full of inside jokes and mutual teasing. they like to jokingly make fun of the other, but are very fond of each other.

» crush:
nobuyuki hakke has been part of the group since day 1, but mashiro only started to develop feelings for the other, when they were in year 3 of middle school and had to stay over longer, because of student council work. they started dating in their first year of high school, after mashiro accidentally told him about "a crush" he has. nobuyuki first thought it was a girl from their class, but mashiro, a blushing mess until that moment, told him about his feelings. the first person they told was tsukiko, who almost told chiaki about it out of happiness.

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his friends are the most important thing for mashiro, as they are his real family


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