Hey Hearters! We're so excited to bring to you our Spotlight Series where we introduce the users on We Heart It that inspire us daily. This week, we got a chance to chat with Lexi Mars, Jami Alix and Michelle Infusino. Not only are they amazing content creators, but they are also the ultimate #bffgoals. We asked them a few questions about how they keep their friendship so strong while staying so busy! Grab your bff and take some notes -- this advice is golden.

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Please introduce yourselves to our hearters!

Lexi: Hey guys I’m lexi! A Chicago native currently in the city of Angels. I originally came out to LA 2 years ago to pursue modeling and stand up comedy, but soon after meeting my best friends, Jami and Michelle I switched over to blogging and haven’t looked back since!
Michelle: Hi, I’m Michelle! I was born on the east coast and moved to LA 5 years ago. After I got here, I searched for a way to merge my passion for style with my newfound love for the chilled out beach lifestyle and landed here!
Jami: Hey loves I’m Jami!! Born and raised in the midwest, I always felt a special pull towards LA. After college, I decided to pick up and move to pursue my creative passions. With a love for street style and photography, blogging became the perfect way to combine my interests and turn it into a full time business.

How did the three of you meet? Was it love at first sight or did it take some time for you all to develop the bond you have now?

L: My hair girl in Chicago introduced me to Jami! Apparently Jami lived one town over from me growing up and we just never knew each other - until my hair girl in IL said to me “this other girl your age just moved out to LA too, she likes taking pictures too - you should reach out!" So I Dmd her and Facebook friended her. She thought I was creepy but agreed to hang out with me anyways and we’ve been attached at the hip ever since the first day we hung out (taking photos of each other of course! Lol). I met Michelle a few months ago at an event and had the biggest girl crush on her! I thought she was so adorable and sweet, I remember being like “you seriously need to hang out with us!”
M: We met through blogging/events. From the beginning we were the type of friends that could sit in silence with each other without it ever being awkward, and I love that! We’re all on the same page as far working hard and achieving our goals.
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What trait do you admire most in each other?

L: I admire Jami’s ability to give insanely good advice and listen and help others. She’s honestly wise beyond her years! And Michelle’s work ethic for sure! She’s such a boss and has grown in such a short amount of time. Both of these traits are so awesome to me.
M: Jami has been a huge mentor to me throughout the start of my blogging career. I admire her ability to get anything done herself and not rely on others. She didn’t know her way around a camera but taught herself and has now taught Lexi and I as well! I admire how confident and adventurous Lexi is! That’s definitely something she needs to teach me ;)
J: I will always admire Lexi’s fearless confidence and ability to roll things off her shoulders. She’s taught me so much about strengthening your mind, especially in this industry. I also really look up to how consistently motivated she is. Michelle is also one of the hardest working people I know. I really admire how much effort she puts into every aspect of her life, from business to friendships to her relationship. They are both so open about their emotions, communicative and the most loyal girls I know!

What would you say are the 3 most important things that make your friendship what it is?

ALL: Being able to have deep, genuine, open conversations. Having a shared passion. And being able to be weird and silly with each other! We honestly enable each other in that sense haha we bring out the weirdest sides of each other and we love that! Life is more fun this way.
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By the looks of it all three of you stay really busy. What is key in maintaining your friendships while juggling your career, boys, family etc.?

ALL: It definitely helps that we work together! We love being able to work with each other and we try to take on jobs and pitch each other to brands as often as I can. This industry can be kind of lonely but the more that you work with your friends, the more it feels like a team approach :). Were all really open with each other when talking about boys and family so that helps. We all feel like we know and understand each others outside lives. We are basically each others home away from home haha - and since Jami and I are both from IL, Jami even comes to Lexi’s family Christmas parties every year!

Drama. Do you have it? How do you deal with it? Give some tips for our readers who may be dealing with it!

ALL: We definitely try to keep it drama free. We like to think that we attract the same types of girls who think and act the same way. Growing up, we all dealt with drama and cliques in some form, so now we are just more careful about who we let into our small circle of people. In general we don’t ever have drama, but just just like all people, we do get frustrated with each other at times, nothing ever serious though!

Making friends is hard! And it can be intimidating. What do you look for in a friend? Is there anything that automatically turns you off from a friendship? What advice do you have for our readers who are looking to create lifelong friendships right now?

L: Gossip and comparison! We cant stand those two things. We also really love when you can find a shared passion and interest with someone, its blogging for us. We also think its important to focus on quality instead of quantity when trying to develop strong friendships and also remember the importance of following up, talking to each other daily. For example, Jami and I have called each other almost every morning for the past 2 years!

Being that you’re all young female entrepreneurs with a big audience, you serve as a role model to many - is there any last bits of advice you’d like to leave our hearters with today?

ALL: Haha oh gosh we have so much to say on this! First off, don’t compare yourself or judge yourself - just be yourself! Also, if you’re an aspiring content creator or blogger but people are putting you down about it, just do it! The most important thing is to believe in yourself. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you social media isn’t a real job! If you do it right, put out good work, and are consistent, you can definitely achieve success in this industry and make it your full time job. You will have to work hard and make sacrifices, but like with anything, nothing great comes without hard work. BE patient with the process of learning how to create content, edit, shoot, blog, etc…You will get better and better at it over time. Also, embrace whatever makes you different, over time this will become your brand and no one can steal that from you because its unique to you.

Can you share your favorite memory you have with each other?

L: The first time we ever shot together is my favorite memory by far. Jami picked us up at 12pm to go shoot at the beach (if you know the basics of photography you know that 12pm is the absolute WORST time to go and shoot content). We sat on the sand for an hour trying to figure out the camera settings and kept getting frustrated by how blown out the photos were. Not only was it our first time meeting in person, but it was the first time we shot together and we were shooting our first collaborations EVER (pura vida bracelets and a bikini brand) so it was a really big day for us!

Why do you three love We Heart It?

ALL: We love all of the inspiring and dreamy content on the platform! I also love that its dominated by women :) Girl power is everything!

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