Everybody that's been following me for a bit knows that I love aesthetics, so it was, of course, an obvious thing for me to do the aesthetic-tag. And now, without any further ado, let’s get to it. Enjoy.

time travel or space travel

white, art, and girl image quote, madness, and aristotle image
Time Travel.

roses or wildflowers

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

rainy days or stormy nights

Image by Sony Domm Temporarily removed
Rainy Days.

swim in the sea or gaze at the stars

love, couple, and boy image Temporarily removed
Gaze at the Stars.

dragons or mermaids

beauty, free, and magic image Image removed

movie theatre or arcade

Image removed background, black and white, and movie image
Movie Theatres.

carousel or rollercoaster

Temporarily removed 90's, aesthetic, and black image

moonlight or candlelight

moon, sky, and night image moon, night, and sky image

tea or coffee

girl, fashion, and black and white image boy, coffee, and black and white image

early bird or night owl

aesthetic, black and white, and late night image city, black, and light image
Night Owl.

dogs or cats

dog, cute, and puppy image animals, dog, and puppy image

werewolves or vampires

black, black and white, and creepy image vampire, lips, and teeth image

makeup or no makeup

alternative, black and white, and breakfast image beauty, black and white, and blonde image
For me personally, no makeup. But I’m completely fine if you wear makeup.

silver or gold

dress, kendall jenner, and Kendall image glitter, silver, and photography image
Silver, I don’t think that gold fits me that great.

tattoos or piercings

aesthetic, beauty, and black and white image tattoo image

rap or rock

rock, music, and rock n roll image alex turner, arctic monkeys, and indie image

So, that’s it for today.
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