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Name: Hannah Blackwood


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Big blue eyes with pale skin and big lips. Hannah is tall and she has a fitness body.


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She is another daughter of the father Blackwood. Even though, he doesn´t recognise her like his daughter.She hates him because she only wants someone who loves her.


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She doesn´t want to be part of the Church of the Night.She is a badass, sarcastic and powerful witch. Hannah is sometimes cold but she has a heart of gold.Her friends are over everything and she is very funny and loyal.


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A powerful, strong and white wolf.His name is Moony.


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Her best friend is Sabrina Spellman. Hannah understands Sabrina because they don´t want to be part of the Church of the Night.
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Prudence. When they discovered that they are half sisters, they became very closed.

Enemies :

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The Dark Lord and Father Blackwood.

Love Interest:

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Nicholas Scratch. Both seems to be cold outside but they are really sweet and kind. They love each other too much and they met in the Academy.

Kisses with a lot of magic and I hope you enjoy it!!!

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