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Hey guys,  I am back with yet another article. And today I'm going to be talking about GIRLS!!  because we're amazingly awesome. 
As the title of the article, Girls should support girls. We should fight for Us! because no one understands the problems we face more than ourselves. There are so many issues going on around the world that affect at least some of us in our lifetimes. So many girls out there are deprived of the simple things we take for granted  like sanitary supplies. Most girls are in areas that don't regard a woman more than someone who takes care of children , and it is unfortunate because these girls never get to finish school or are forced to marry older people when they're so young. We as girls should acknowledge this ! because well Girls should support girls. 

We shouldn't be made to make ourselves appear lesser than what we are. We were made to shine and excell just like anyone in this world too. We matter, We deserve a chance! We will not be intimidated into being something we aren't. 

Us girls should stick up for each other, A girl posted something on social media yesterday saying that '' No one deserves rape'', Her voice never got to be heard and she committed suicide. Things like rape shouldn't exist in our societies. There are so many girls out there that dread waking up because of traumatic experiences that may have happened to them ,that they're too afraid to tell the world in fear of being judged and labelled. Imagine if we gathered a whole lot of girls in the world, the huge difference we would make! 

Girls are more prone to being labelled a bad word , while if it was a boy they wouldn't be judged for it. Even other girls taunt other girls for this and this destroys theirself esteem. 

These are the little changes we can all make:

Compliment someone: It could go a long way. I'm not saying that everytime you see someone you HAVE to say something nice, but if you genuinely think that its needed, say it! Don't hold back 

Smile at someone: Maybe your smile will turn their day around. 

Do not believe people's opinions if you haven't interacted with that person: Dont believe rumours because you can dislike someone for absolutely no reason. 

Just don't be mean: You don't need to make someone's life miserable, It is not worth your time

And lastly 

Girls Support Girls!

Peace, Light And Love Everyone:)

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