Hello Hearters, So I thought that I'd give you the 411 on pedicures. Let me know if you want me to make a series of articles explaining different beauty/spa treatments. Also i'm not going to explain the polish removal and application since it is pretty self explanatory. Keep in mind that every place has a different process and way of doing pedicures. Anyways let's get started.

*=Health and Safety info


So the first part of a pedicure should include a soak. The soak is going to soften your feet for callous removal and cuticle work. If you are going to shave your legs do it at least 24 hours before because shaving creates micro cuts in the skin which can put yourself at risk for infection. this is when your polish would be removed.

*Pedicure chairs with jets that aren't air based are a health risk. All of the bacteria from previous pedicures get backed up in the pipes of the jets. This bacteria ends up in your foot soak and depending on if the place is a in and out nail salon the employees might not properly sterilize the foot bowl.*

Callous Removal

Callous is the yellow spots on the feet that are thicker then the rest of the foot. During this part of the pedicure the esthetician would take down some of the callous. If too much callous is filed down then the feet will be tender. Also keep in mind that your not going to have all of the callous will be taken off in one treatment.

* Most spas use a regular foot file but there is an implement to keep an eye out for. It looks works like a potato peeler and it called a credo blade. This implement is actually banned from the US and UK because of health and safety.*

Cuticle work

At this point the esthetician would push back the cuticle, clean up the cuticle as well as under the nail and cutting the cuticle.

*Ask about how they clean their tools. If the tools aren't cleaned properly they can lead to infection. Also metal shouldn't be used on diabetics since they have the potential to cut the skin.*

The last two steps on a basic pedicure are massage and polish application.


The other two additional parts of a pedicure are a scrub which gets rid of dead skin. The other part is a mask that is suppose to sit on the feet for at least a couple minutes. The scrub would be done before the scrub and the mask would be before or after the massage.

If you have any article suggestions, send me them and I'll make sure to do them! Also you can check out some of the other beauty articles as well as my other articles in the collections below.

- Brianna