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So August and September have been the scenario of many comebacks and debuts. Which one was your favourite? Let me know!
Let's start talking about music!
In this article I will talk about August and September releases.
As always I listened to almost every korean album and single of the month (in this case August and September). In this list you will read about my favourite ones.
You are going to find the playlists' links below and spotify links of the albums/songs at the end of the article.
Enjoy this music ride with me~


Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jh1XxKE65a0&index=30&list=PLhWAaq3vgM8jEf9L7wsqNdOMR1TVa1_Z6


Temporarily removed
What happened to the dreamies we first met two years ago? They've so grown up and still have such a huge potential, that I find myself waiting for every comeback with big expectations. They go up and up each time experimenting many styles. They debuted with the bubblegum pop song Chewing Gum. Then they experimented a more hip hop influenced mucic with GO and now they're back again with something new. We Go Up was part of my personal summer soundtrack and with its freshness it kept me company during the hot days.
Album's suggested tracks:
  • Dear DREAM

ZICO - SoulMate (feat. IU)

kpop, zico, and iu image
"오래 기다렸지 안녕 나의 Soulmate" || "You waited for a long time Hello, my soulmate" I really like when Zico shows his sweet vocals.

SUMIN - 너네 집 Your Home (feat. Xin Seha)

idol, korea, and kpop image
Sumin's Album was one of my favourite of the year. Give it a listen if you have time.
Album's suggested tracks:
  • I Hate You
  • WOO

Stray Kids - Voices || My Pace

kpop, mv, and hyunjin image
Album's suggested tracks:
  • WHO?
  • 갑자기 분위기 싸해질 필요 없잖아요(Awkward Silence)

Red Velvet - Power Up

power up, red velvet, and gif image
You're lying if you say you didn't sing " Ba-banana ba-ba-banana-nana " at least once!
Album's suggested tracks:
  • Blue Lemonade

SF9 - Now or Never(질렀어)

kpop, taeyang, and rowoon image
kpop, taeyang, and rowoon image
I don't know if I am more crazy about this song or Hwi Young's hair. It's a big YES!
Album's suggested tracks:
  • Unlimited

Giriboy - 옛날거 Used (feat. Kid Milli) (Prod. By Giriboy, MISU)

fashion, korean, and producer image

LOONA - Hi High

gif image
Finally the rookie monsters had their long-awaited debut. It was a pleasure spending each month of the last two years with them, I'm looking forward to the following years.
kpop, yves, and chuu image
Stan Loona, stan talent!

BTS - LOVE YOURSELF 結 Answer 'Epiphany

army, epiphany, and grey image

Gaeko - Vacation (feat. SOLE)

idol, kpop, and rapper image
Here's the hardworking Gaeko talking about his need for a vacation.

D-CRUNCH - Palace

ov, hyunwoo, and chanyoung image
Give a listen to these powerful rookies

Woodie Gochild - 솜사탕(Cotton Candy) (feat. Hwasa of Mamamoo) (Prod. SLO)

gif and woodie gochild image
Do you remember Woodie Gochild's viral dance form Show Me the Money 6? The boy is back with a new album full of collaborations.
Album's suggested tracks:
  • Fly Me To My Town
  • Muse (feat. Jay Park, Sik-k)

(G)I-DLE) - 한(一)(HANN(Alone))

choreography, kpop, and minnie image
gif, idle, and soyeon image
These charismatic girls are back with a new track, what do you think about that?


loco, gif, and young image
Being young is such a powerful weapon. All the ways are open for us, we just have to relax and forget about adults that want us to become adults. "Aren’t you sick Of all of the same shapes?". What define us is not society, but our hearts.

SHINHWA - Kiss Me Like That

andy, eric, and kpop image
Shinhwa are like wine, the more they age the more they are amazing.

SOMDEF - ONE PLUS ONE(원플러스원) (feat. Loco, Bravo) || Slip N Slide (미끌미끌) (feat. Crush)

It was a real pleasure to listen to this album. I suddenly found myself dancing and chilling in my room lost in the music.
Album's suggested tracks:
  • % (Moon and Sun)

Ugly Duck, Chloe DeVita - Sugar (Puff Daehee Mix)

Paloalto - 그늘 (Shelter) (feat. ZENE THE ZILLA, Sway D & SUPERBEE)

Lee Suhyun of AKMU - 소리 (Sori)

kdramas, mr sunshine, and drama image

Park Won - 이방인 (Stranger)

Image removed
What a beautiful voice

Giriboy, Kid Milli, NO:EL, Swings - flex (Prod.By Giriboy)

Temporarily removed
Indigo Music cool boys here for you


kpop, jian, and sangdo image

Han Yo Han - BABY I'M A ROCKSTAR (feat. NO:EL, Kim Sungmin) || Mood Maker (feat. CHANGMO, JUSTHIS, Giriboy)

rapper, krap, and krnb image
I like the instrumental part and the energy both the songs give me.

Drug Restaurant - 403

gif, korean, and man image

JIN LONGGUO - Friday 'n Night

Temporarily removed
"Friday n night 텅 빈 방 공허함 익숙해진 것 같아 너의 흔적들 여기저기 흘러내려 지워봐도 지워봐도" || "Friday n night, empty room I’m used to this emptiness Traces of you flow here and there Though I try to erase the"

Ko Sungmin - Don’t Let Me Know(내가 모르게) (Prod. by Good Life)

John OFA Rhee - Wishful Thoughts(좋겠어)


playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhWAaq3vgM8gAGg6mKOLc9eki9fneZVzL

SUNMI - Siren(사이렌)

kpop, mv, and soloist image
kpop, mv, and soloist image
kpop, mv, and soloist image
Sunmi warned all of us that the moment we get her hand it will be difficult to let it go even though we're bleeding. Like the men who hear a Siren (mermaid) sing: even though that voice will make them crazy, they can't get enough of it. She is a star that shines on the stage everytime, a rare pearl that everyone will eventually grow up attached to.
Album's suggested tracks:
  • Curve(곡선)
  • Black Pearl

GOT7 - Lullaby

JB, kpop, and mark image
JB, kpop, and mark image
"Sweet talk to me babe It’s magical 헤어날 수 없어 너에게서" || "Sweet talk to me babe It’s magical I can’t escape from you" This is exactly what I think everytime I listen to this song. I wish it will never end. I think that this style suits GOT7 perfectly. Even the coreography is perfect thanks to the boys' bold moves.

OH MY GIRL - Remember Me(불꽃놀이)

kpop, mimi, and arin image
kpop, mimi, and arin image
What should I say? OMG are so perfect with their sweet voices, sophisticated concept and outfits.
Suggested tracks of the album:
  • Illusion

GIRIBOY - acrnm (Prod. By GIRIBOY) (feat. Goretexx)

kpop, rapper, and giriboy image
Album's suggested tracks:
  • vr (prod. by Coa White) (feat. JUSTHIS, Swings)

PENTAGON - Naughty boy(청개구리)

gif, pentagon, and kpop gif image
kino, kpop, and hui image
Childish Pentagon are so cute~ Naughty boy has a structure that is very similar to their previous song Shine, I think it was a smart choice.
Album's suggested tracks:
  • When It Rains In Night


exy, gif, and soobin image
WJSN are one of those groups that have a strong identity but at the same time experiment different shades of their unique concepts.
Album's suggested tracks:
  • I-Yah

GWSN - Puzzle Moon(퍼즐문)

anne, japanese, and korean image
In my opinion this is one of the best debuts of 2018. Both the song and the coreography match like the pieces of a puzzle. This perfect match is hypnothic.
Album suggested tracks:
  • Melting Point
  • Lullaby

Dreamcatcher - What

choreography, kpop, and jiu image
Dreamcatcher creepy and mysterious concept mixed with a powerful instrumental, similar to the opening of a anime, is their distinctive mark. Their vocals, rap and dance skills are on top as well, but why does it feel like they are not getting the recognition they deserve?
Album's suggested tracks:
  • Trap
  • July 7th

Jimin Park - April Fools (0401)

Image removed
Album's suggested tracks:
  • 전화받아 (Pick Up The Phone/PUTP) (feat. Woodz, Kino, Nathan)

HAON - NOAH (feat. Jay Park, Hoody) (Prod. GroovyRoom)

cutie, paint, and photoshoot image
Haon is the winner of the second season of High School Rapper. Here's his debut under Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone's label H1GHR.
Album's suggested tracks:
  • GOOD NIGHT (feat. B-Free)

The Quiett - glofo i

the quiett, khiphop, and dok2 image
Album's suggested tracks:
  • glofo ii (feat. Zene the Zilla)
  • brrr (feat. Bradystreet)
  • namchin (feat. Leellamarz)
  • mully (feat. Hash Swan, Woo Won Jae)

Hyomin - MANGO

Image removed
I love this song so Man go!

Colde - Sunflower

idol, kpop, and sunflower image
Album's suggested tracks:
  • Freedom
  • Yayaya (feat. Omega Sapien)
  • Space
  • String

Planetarium Records / PLT - IGOHOLIC

plt, june, and villain image
plt image
You know I have a soft spot for PLT

JooYoung - N/A || Inn

starship, jooyoung, and krnb image
JooYoung's voice is so intense that everytime I listen to his songs I feel like I'm floating in another dimension.

Park Won - rudderless(나)

This album is really precious, if you have a time to give it a listen I highly suggest it!
Album's suggested tracks :
  • rumor

Jay Park - V

jay park and korean image

DJ Wegun - Teach Me (서툴러) (feat. sogumm, punchnello)

Album's suggested tracks
  • Dal (feat. Jay Park)
  • Venom (feat. Nafla)
  • Sax Night

Girls' Generation-Oh!GG - 몰랐니 (Lil' Touch)

girls generation, kpop, and mv image
Do you agree with me if I say that this is Sunny's era?

THE BOYZ - Right Here

eric, jacob, and kevin image

UNI.T - I mean(난말야)

DIA, k-pop, and mbk image

SHINee - 셀 수 없는 (Countless)

gif, Jonghyun, and key image
kpop, SHINee, and kim jonghyun image
The Story of Light-Epilogue resumes Shinee's thrilogy.
gif, Jonghyun, and key image
gif, Jonghyun, and key image
I'm quoting myself once again: "When I watch SHINee I can't help feeling sad, but soon after I realise that this is not fair. They suffered the loss of a friend and brother, but they are here and they are telling us how much they want to keep doing what they like. So I tell myself that all I have to do is keep supporting SHINee with a sincere hearth, remembering Jonghyun and welcoming their new music with brighter feelings. SHINee are such a fundamental group in k-pop history."

Roy Kim - 우리 그만하자 (The Hardest Part)

kpop, bts, and blackpink image

[STATION X 0] SEULGI x SinB(GFRIEND) x Chungah x Soyeon((G)I-dle) - Wow Thing

kpop, red velvet, and seulgi image
These girls are a wow thing for real!


debut, idol, and kpop image
Lucente's debut is another of my favourite debuts of these year.
Album's suggested tracks:
  • Falling Petals
  • How About You

MOMMY SON - _ Mommy Jump (소년점프) (feat. 배기성)_

idol, korea, and kpop image
Even though everyone know who he is, he keeps wearing this pink mask. So, did you recognize him?

SoRi - 터치 (Touch) (feat. BASICK)

kpop, sori, and cocosori image

VERIVERY - Super Special

minchan, verivery, and kangmin image

Life and Time - 정점 Summit


Tiffany Young - Teach You

girls generation, kpop, and snsd image

GFRIEND - Memoria

kpop, eunha, and gfriend gif image
Gfriend's japanese comeback

If you read till this point I'm really thankful and I hope you enjoyed this article.
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Spotify links


I put a little flower (✿) next to the albums I liked the most.


Sumin - Your Home✿

Stray Kids - I am WHO

Red Velvet - Summer Magic

SF9 - Sensuous

Giriboy - hightechnology: 3Songs & Instrumentals

Loona - [+ +]

SomDef - Some Definition of Love✿

BTS - LOVE YOURSELF 結 Answer 'Epiphany'

D-Crunch - 0806

Woodie Gochild - #Gochild


Paloalto - Summer Grooves

Han Yo Han - Dragon Bike

Jin Longguo - Fridan n Night

John OFA Rhee - how long can we go?


ZICO - SoulMate (feat. IU)

Gaeko - Vacation (feat. Sole)

(G)I-DLE - HANN (Alone)

Baekhyun - Young (feat. Loco)

Ugly Duck, Chloe DeVita - Sugar (Puff Daehee Mix)

Lee Suhyun - Sori [Mr.Sunshine OST]

Park Won - Stranger [Mr. Sunshine OST]

Dingo x Indigo Music - flex (Prod. Girboy)


Drug Restaurant - 403

Ko Sungmin - Don’t Let Me Know (Prod. by Good Life)



I put a little flower (✿) next to the albums I liked the most.

link: https://open.spotify.com/album/7KU9xZLinCIIHBDmeQbeDp?si=RR_L8pFkQ46AHI6altSS3g

GOT7 - Present: YOU

Oh My Girl - Remember Me

Giriboy - Science Fiction Album✿

Pentagon - Thumbs Up!

WJSN - WJ Please?✿

GWSN - The Park in the Night

Dreamcatcher - Alone in the City✿
link: https://open.spotify.com/album/68esmTNXocYLPEbLD1c7si?si=mJvTeRMZSn6p6Fv6ky01gQ

Jimin Park - jiminxjamie

HAON - Travel: Noah✿

Colde - Wave✿

JooYoung - N/A

Park Won - r✿

Jay Park - V

Dj Wegun - DJ Wegun Effect✿

Girls' Generation-Oh!GG - Lil' Touch

The Boyz - The Sphere

Uni.t - Begin with the End

SHINee - 'The Story of Light' Epilogue✿

Lucente - The Big Dipper


Hyomin - Mango


Roy Kim - The Hardest Part

[STATION X 0] SEULGI x SinB(GFRIEND) x Chungah x Soyeon((G)I-dle) - Wow Thing

Mommy Son - Mommy Jump

Sori - Touch

VERIVERY - Super Special

Tiffany Young - Teach you