If we just stop and give it a small little thought, I think there are only quite a few people in this world who like Mondays. I didn't say "hate" because the word hate has a very strong meaning, but if I want to speak for myself: I HATE Mondays.
The fact of waking up after having a nice, relaxing maybe a little crazy weekend feels like you are being bullied from life itself. Setting the alarm on Sunday nights is one of the saddest things I click on my phone (unvoluntary) before I go to sleep.
Therefore, I tried to compact a mini list of the things that might change my grumpy Monday mood and give an end to the Monday grouchy struggle.

TIP #1: Try not to hit that snooze button!

I realized that the snooze button is kind of a trap...it makes everything harder. I know, that no one likes to leave their warm cozy beds, but that one button makes it simple in my opinion harder.

Image by Marshmallow Breeze Image by Marshmallow Breeze

TIP #2: Get excited about a different special MONDAY breakfast.

Take a minute, and think about your perfect breakfast. Plan it out, write it down and make it the highlight of your Monday mornings. This way...trust me...you will wake up even alittle bit earlier (no joke) just to prepare this ideal meal that you have been looking forward to all week long!
It might not work out 100%, but 70% is more realistic.

food, healthy, and fruit image

TIP #3: Let your outfit scream with attitude

For me, my outfit can actually depend on my mood and how am feeling in that minute, but why don't we play it the way round?!
Plan a Bombastic outfit that when you look at yourself in the mirror you get excited to walk out of the door and show it off. If you need to plan it ahead...do it, why not! Let Monday hate the fact that you are just killing it.

TIP #4: Get rid of negative energy

Set up a music playlist that includes all of your shower singing songs....for example.
Putting your headphones on, hitting the play button, and just relaxing...either you are taking the bus or driving your car to work or to school, will bring a smile on your face and you might suddenly just start singing or moving your lips. Music is like magic....let it flows into your ears.

TIP #5: Don't make coffee...BUY IT!
Go to your favorite coffee shop and treat yourself with that lovely taste of freshly grained coffee. The atmosphere in the coffee shop and the smell of coffee beans will cheer you up. You might even get a free coffee....great!

Image by Ivy

TIP #6: Breath!

Once you arrive your destination, if it was work or university and you sit down, just take a deep breath and tell yourself that you can make it through this unwanted day cause Monday tiredness won't win against your will, and you are the star of your life darling

Image by Marshmallow Breeze

After all...it's your life and you live it once, why ruin it.