At a young age, I was how I would say fed up of life and all that came with it. YES, I suffer from depression with bipolar tendencies. This made my life as a fifteen-year-old a living nightmare. What didn’t help me was the fact I was bullied really badly since a very young age and due to the bullying I was kicked out of school. YES, my school kicked me out for being bullied; I didn’t even do anything that was an unexceptional behaviour to allow the school to not allow me in the school.

The top five things I would tell me at fifteen:

1. Everything that happens is not the end of the world. - This was hard for me to understand at that age. Everything that happened I thought was my entire fault when in reality it wasn’t. YES, life can be S**T but you have to go through the tough times for the good times. Life is a game that you have no choice to play.

2. Stand up for you - people will just be people who look out for themselves. The whole world is like that but sometimes you need to just tell them that they should do that or that they shouldn’t say that because it may be funny to them but it’s not. They are just following their friends because guess what they are JELLOUSE because they are not you.

3. What people say does not mean that it’s true - Yes you may believe that what they say is true and you believe it so much that you want to change because you want to FIT IN but here the thing you are perfect just the way you are. Being DIFFERENT is GOOD and if they think it’s not F*** THEM because different just means that you are not everyone else. Do what YOU want. Wear what you want. YOU SHOULD NOT FOLLOW THE CROWD.

4. You will go so far in JUST three years just fight for what you want - The guy that you believe is your true love is far from it. He kept you from doing what you want and tore your whole life apart is not worth the trouble, you are able to do what you want and he would have stopped you from achieving what you have today. This year I am going to university and that is all because of the time and effort that you have put into it. This is all because you fought for it NO ONE ELSE. I am Volunteering and am going volunteering abroad. And yet again it is because you fought for it and dedicated your time and effort yet again. THIS IS ALL BECAUSE OF YOU.

5. Believe in yourself no matter what - Even people tell you can’t do it do it anyway it is YOUR LIFE do what makes you happy not what people want to do. DO YOU WANT TO LIVE A LIFE THAT DOESNT MAKE YOU HAPPY? You’re the one living it go do whatever makes you happy not other people.