I always have a problem where i have 10 ideas for instagram pics and then i forget them all and post a selfie (which i hate :/ )
This is the second time i wrote them down, and shared them with you:


autumn, cozy, and fall image Temporarily removed
Use the fall asethetics!!


book, rain, and autumn image Image removed
No. 1 its calming No.2 its pretty No.3 do i need to say anything else? have you never seen rain? its the best

3.COFFEE SHOP (or library, or anything similar)

autumn, coffee, and fall image aesthetic, autumn, and cafe image Temporarily removed apple, art, and autumn image
I mean look at HOW CUTE are those pictures!!

4.STUDY VIBES (just look at the pictures and then say if you thing its a bed idea)

study, coffee, and college image book, study, and candle image
honestly: its v neat


black, coat, and fashion image Temporarily removed Image removed fashion, style, and girl image

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AAND my instagram is @yiuve , love ya :)