i've made this playlist on spotify a while ago with some songs that i consider amazing and very atmospheric and moody and everything i love about music. some of them are old, some new, some very well-known and some very obscure. so i thought i'd share. here are the first 10. enjoy!

no diggity - chet faker
midnight - jessie ware

friends, sunset, and sun image sky, sunset, and sea image

love you like a love song - cats on trees
bang bang - dalida

aesthetic, blue, and gloomy image Temporarily removed

keep the streets empty for me - fever ray
you don't own me - lesley gore

sea, home, and view image Temporarily removed

it's a man's man's world - postmodern jukebox
visions of gideon - sufjan stevens

hands, aesthetic, and light image photography image

we might be dead by tomorrow - soko
laughing on the outside - bernadette carroll

[ the pictures are not chosen particularly in relation with the songs, i just find them to have the same magic as the music ]