quotes, aesthetic, and butterfly image

☂ — And the pain sometimes; is a suffocating fog. But it is so paradoxical you see; it is suffocating but yet so safe that it feels like home — and the light; so happy and inviting has immense potential to burn my skin to set me aflame. It is terrifying cause sometimes all I want to do is rest and the fog envelops my body with its sweet; haunting tune that craves to lull me into an everlasting sleep but I know that I cannot cause the light is where I thrive and where I belong. I know that I have a sunshine soul and that is true to my roots but at times I just want to uproot all that I am cause sometimes Iam so tired of aching; but I know the light will always find me cause my heart is a magnet to all things bright. I know that I too am a bright light; a sun that planets revolve around. I know this; but sometimes it is so hard to grasp.