・゚✧ The Universe has its own secrets. It has its own surprises.・゚✧

Do you ever look at those stars, the ones that don’t shine bright enough?
Yes; maybe on certain days they don’t feel like having much attention, they ’are good with dimming off their lights for a while.

In a company of a billion stars — everything seems perfect

Life goes from sleepless nights, to the peaceful ones.
From ruining our lives, only so we could find ourselves
From destroying the false notions— so we could see the clear picture.;

The love for the universe has just gotten deeper; I feel connected to the stars even more, seems like they have a story for each one of us.

So lets just be quiet and listen to them.

At a point; you will find peace, they have a lot to say; so hear them out.

The clouds are another funny creatures, they carry messages in liters and pour them out on people. It’s their way of reminding, their way of delivering messages. — When was the last time you felt refreshed; simply because the rains had hit you? Have you missed the magical feeling?

Enjoy the rains; its for you.

Ever wondered how bad the clouds would feel, seeing you take out that umbrella? But; no — Its raining for you, please don’t abuse it. Its a blessing, accept it.

To me; the clouds have always been something to admire. I often lose myself in the process; and it is delightful.

But do we care about the nature?

Why don’t the trees sing? Why can’t the animals protest?

We don’t deserve them; the idea of being their protector is long lost.
We could at least give them what they deserve, nothing more.

The answers that you’ are looking for; are hidden in those Earthly treasures, you’ll find it may be under the gloomy waterfall — in between some forest or on the other side of the hill.

The Universe connects to your soul; its a part of the awakening; let it take it’s time.

How selfish could we be? Our life is not just about ourselves but everything around us too.

You won’t find solace in your digital world; you’are a part of the nature ; you will run back to it. So make sure there’s some place left with all its beauty; and make sure you have a pet at home; who had still be waiting.