Some days i wind up all alone. Without anybody . Everyone seems to have greater things to do. No. This isn't the self -loathing full of insecurities article. I am not alone. That's the truth. And you aren't too. You've just been wearing the same old glasses everyday for years now. It is time for you to change them. They are full of dast. A dast which contains broken dreams and promises. What if's and almosts . Heartbreaks and heartbreakers. Change them now. There is more to see than you actually want to believe. Life is great and yes, indeed life will fuck you up . I can promise you that. You will be crying on your pillow or behind a curtain, looking for signs in the sky for days or months. Yeah, those days will come but good days will come too. Days when you will be feeling like life is a gift , when you won't get what you want but you know it is not really something you need. When you will look in the mirror and you will feel pretty even for three seconds you will smile and say : ''Thank you''. When you just feel like reading 3 books in a row or do a movie marathon . That's the way life is saying '' Well i think you've done a great job at being you.''. You. One word and i bet it brought you million of moments you didn't want to be you or you became someone else so you can save others. I've been there so many times i promise you . At least you have someone here that understands. Get up . Fix your hair. Smile at your reflection . Wear something you wouldn't really wear because simply you felt like it. Look outside. The sky tells very beautiful stories and seeing the stars dancing to their own rythym is a beautiful scenery. The sky doesn't talk to anyone but maybe it will talk to you. Go outside. Talk to the person that keeps looking at you but thinks you are unapprochable because you're on the phone all the time, afraid you will embarass your self. No . Go talk to that person. Ask the boy that seems sad what's wrong. He will appreciate it. Eat more ,don't starve yourself,please. Find new music , dance. Sing. Hug your favorite people. Call the person you've been avoiding all this time and tell him/her that you're sorry.I miss you.It's okay if you don't want to come back. I will be fine either way. Laugh. Laugh at every joke you feel like was made to destroy you. You built your own sheild. You are a warrior . A survivor . And when you don't feel like this. Remind yourself that your existence gave people a lot more than you believe. Even if it's pain. Embrace every side of you. After all by being you , you give a great example to people who are afraid to open up. *You* can help. You are extraodinary.

(Sorry for any mistakes.Take care x)