Why is coffee good?
▪️ drowsiness, boredom and fatigue diminish
▪️ has a positive effect on the nervous System
▪️ strengthens the heart
▪️ increases the sport performance
▪️ improves digestion.

History of coffee:
The coffee was first grown in Yemen, where they had terraced farming. The customs of coffee were made by Mohammedan pilgrims to Mecca and Medina, and from there they continued their coffee in the Middle East. Later, a coffee maker was produced in Arabia and Egypt where the consumption of coffee (or Kahweh) soon spread.
In the 16th century, travelers and botanists traveling to the Middle East sent news to Europe of an unknown plant and drink. Traders soon realized the potential of novelty and delivered the first coffee packages to Venice in the early 1600s. This was the moment when European people met with coffee. The venue of the Venetian coffee shop spread rapidly, and soon a Dutch merchant became interested in the cultivation and marketing of coffee. Thanks to European travelers and monks, coffee has quickly become popular worldwide and is growing incredibly fast.

The cafés spread across Europe (Italy, Great Britain, Holland, France and Germany).

Special coffees:
▪️ Espresso Romano (Italy) - "coffee with lemon"
▪️ Egg Coffee (Vietnam) - presso + egg yolks + milk + sugar
▪️ Cafe des épices (Morocco) - with nutmeg, black pepper and sesame seeds
▪️ Yuan Yang (Hong Kong) - with black tea and milk