Hey people! I paint and sketch sometimes when I have time and I greatly enjoy it! Sometimes though, I spend most of the time just trying to think of what to make.
Here I am with this article to help you feel inspired and to pour your feelings out onto your art!

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The one with red boots and coffee are a couple of my works!

A Band ||

Think about your favorite bands, who they are, what they've done. Think about what they're like on stage, the energy while they're up there, try to project it onto your work.

Nature ||

Think about our natural surroundings, the sky,the sea, the forests, think about these places in different times. The forest during a storm, a calm sea while a fisherman sits in his boat, or the sky at night, when the stars look like salt sprinkled on a dark surface.

The view from your house ||

Maybe go with what you are most familiar with. And don't think that any place is ugly because there are a lot of people out there that find beauty in what most would not.

A Favorite Song ||

A song only becomes my favorite when it makes me feel something. So listen to some songs and make something out of it.

Crisp Cold Air ||

Think about being cold, swirls of icy air blowing past. Your face being so cold that your hands that are on your face are the only things keeping you warm.

The Season or Holiday ||

There's always a shift in people or some sort of tradition when seasons change so take something that is in season and put your own twist on it.

References to a book or movie ||

After seeing Bohemian Rhapsody in the cinemas, my appreciation for Queen just increased again and I'm definitely doing something based off of them. Just a moment that will make you smile as you create.

The Stars ||

Think about night time and what you see, or think about being out there, close to the stars, the light absolutely blinding you. Go with what feels best.

What you heart aches for ||

This could be anything that makes your heart hurt. It could be pain or love or longing. What colors come into your mind when your heart aches? Use them.


Hey! Thank you for reading!

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