Where do I even start my goodness 2018 what a year. I can honestly say that it was one difficult ride but I got there in the end (November basically the end right?). In this article I decided I wanted to share some things I've learnt from the challenges that I dealt with this year and kinda give advice to anyone to anyone going into senior year, whether you wanna take idk that's up to you aha.

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HMM more like worst year. Basically what happened is I had the best year 10 and year 11 classes ever I can 100% say that they were my best years however this year I did learn a lot because I ended up losing a lot of people I was very close with. But this worked out for the better because I ended up becoming really focused on my education and trying to improve as a person.

Unfortunately I had lost myself totally and in 2018 it was a year of discovery, a year of finding who I really am and what I stand for and believe in. Losing a bunch of people in one year isn't easy and it took time to come to terms with the fact that things had changed but looking back WHO CARES cause I'm legit leaving the school like I won't see any of these people next year.

But please if you're reading this put yourself first, don't go through the trauma that comes with losing yourself its not worth it. I promise you.

Also 100% focus on your work and not drama like this is your last year enjoy it and work hard because a whole new world awaits for you. You can do this.

This wasn't really advice haha sorry but more like an experience i wanted to share with you guys... lots of love sarah!