Hi everyone!

My mom is a doctor so I've been told my whole life how to eat, what to do or don't and how to prevent whatever to be as healthy as possible.

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I have always struggled with my body for not being "skinny enough" so I've been really inconstant with my lifestyle. But now I'm trying to be more constant.

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So, with the years I have developed little tips, easy and with results, that you can introduce to your day to day so you can make your lifestyle healthier.

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It is not all about what you eat, but don't forget to think twice about what you are going to eat.

Keep moving:

I know that the common nowadays lifestyle means a lot of time sitting in front of the computer or your studying books. And it is not a horrible thing if you counter it. And I'm not talking about running one hour a day (but if you can, do it).

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Every 1 hour stand up and move your body a little, you will notice the difference.

I'm talking about introducing small changes to your lifestyle so you exercise more your body. For example, try to avoid the elevator. If you life in a 10th floor, or course do not go upstair everyday, but you can take the stairs until 5th floor and then the rest in elevator, or something similar.

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You will notice your legs getting stronger and that you won't gasp anymore.

In my hometown I live in a 15th floor and did this for a whole year. Every day, I took the stairs until the 4-5th floor, and then the elevator. And I also set goals like, adding a floor every two weeks/month so one day I made it to the 15th floor. (This was my personal goal, you don't have to do this)

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Set your own goals.

And you can use this to any building you go usually, like your school/office. Another idea is trying to avoid using transport and go walking or cycling if it is not too far. The most important thing is to trying not to be lazy and moving your body everytime you can.

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Or take your pet for a walk every time they need to, they will enjoy it and you will exercise a little.

It is also really important to have enough sleep. It's perfect if you excercise but resting is just as important. So, make sure you have enough sleep. Setting a routine for your sleeping hours such as 8 hours a day so you go to bed and wake up to have a productive day will make your body and mind to thank you.

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The better you sleep the less tired you will feel so more active you will be during the day.

Look twice what you eat:

You don't have to be restrictive or to diet to be healthy. Eating healthily is giving your body all the nutrients, proteins, vitamins and calories it needs to perform it best. So the best thing is to eat diverse meals, not restricting yourself to a certaing group of food and eat what you need, not what you want.

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Diversity is the key to heath.

If you give your body what it needs, you will notice that you get sick less times and that you have more energy. And also your brain is going to perform better. Vitamins are really important for your immune system so make sure you take enough of them everyday.

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Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins and fiber so make sure you eat a piece of them at least once a day.

Try to avoid processed food. I mean, you can have a McDonalds, but, try to have them like once a month as maximun. The more natural the food you eat is, the healthier you will be. For desserts or sweet snacks, look forward handmade pastry rather than packed desserts.

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If you change some ingredients like bannanas instead of flour, stevia instead of sugar and black chocolate instead of white chocolate, they will be healthier.

If you maintain an eating rutine such as 4/5 meals per day, you will find it easier to eat only what you need and not what your cravings say. This way, I reccommend you to have juices or smoothies or fruits as snacks so you won't be too full. Oh, and, drink water, a lot.

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A trick to not have sugar cravings is to eat sweet fruits such as bannanas or strawberries. Find a healthy alternative.


It is all about your mental attitude. If you want to be healthier because you notice that every physical effort make you gasp, because you get sick really often, because your body needs some steadiness, you usually feel sad or aphatetic or whichever your reason is, it all begins with your mindset.

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Health is not only a matter of body, it is about mind, spirit, energy and everything you are.

If you really want to be healthier, you can, you just have to set a plan of little goals that will lead you to being healthy. And you are the only one that can do this, so please, do it for yourself and by yourself, because you will notice the difference and being healthy is an improvement of your lifestyle.

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If you want it, you can have it, just set your mindset towards it.

Remember that your mental health is as important as any other thing about yourself. So, as you take care of your hair or your skin, take care of your mind and your spirit. Make peace with your demons, forgive and forget, spread love and never forget that, as a human, you are going to fail tons of times, but you will also stand up a thousand more.

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Never forget to take care of every inch of what you are.
This is a great article to help you improve your mental health.

Simple changes, big difference

"When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the enviroment in which it grows, not the flower."
Alexander Den Heijer.
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Be patient and never hesitate about what you are capable of.

Any little change you can insert in your lifestyle will make a big difference in yourself. Trust in the process, enjoy every moment, focus on the good things and do not let anyone make you feel bad for being yourself. You are unique and you have just as many defects as anyone else.

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Every path to improvement is long, so don't obsess about getting to the end. Enjoy the trip.

The key in this topic is to find healthy alternatives to what it's not that healthy in your daily routine. Like drinking water instead of soda, go walking instead of by bus and having a rutine to feel active. This way, with simple and small changes everyday you will end up having great results.

You are allowed to be a work in progress and a masterpiece at the same time.

Please, focus on how you feel and not how you want to look. Feeling great will make you happier than looking skinny if you are starving or tired.

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You have a whole future to improve and work on yourself, but remember that it's ok sometimes to rest and clean yourself to continue with more strenght.

If you need someone to talk about anything related to this topic, have no hesitation on sending me a message. I will be very glad to help you.

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