So I am at work right now and I am craving some food right now because I am hungry. (The cafeteria food sucks!) AND I'm working late tonight. Either way I have time right now and I decided to write an article cause I feel like it.

So either way today's article would be about the foods that I am craving right now and my favorite foods.

⭐︎ So my ALL TIME FAVORITE MEAL would be tteodobokki (Korean Food)

yummy, korean food, and tteobokki image
Spicy Korean Rice Cake

⭐︎ Another Favorite food would be Hamburgers! Cause why not!

food, fries, and burger image
Don't care what restaurant, it just has to be a hamburger

Many times there will be days where I could eat any kind of burgers cause they are amazing to eat, every though I will feel fat when I finish eating a few. 😆 🐷

My next food Items will be Pasta!

alfredo, creamy, and food image
Alfredo Pasta is my Favorite!

This is my favorite Pasta because I just love the creamy texture of the sauce and how wonderful the taste is with the pasta and any other bits of food you add to the pasta. Like I put sausages and I sometimes put brocolli and its really good!

➪ There are a few more its just I can't think of any right now lol!

So next are drinks which are a few:


aesthetic, dark, and drinks image Image by 🌼🌸Kaoru🌸🌼
If y'all get the joke I love y'all

But in all seriousness I LOVE SPRITE
It get rides of my cravings and it goes well with Hamburgers! In all honestly it goes well with everything even with soup! (Well sometimes but still its good with everything)

⭐︎My next drink would be Boba

Image removed
My favorite would be Mocha Milk Tea

So the first time had this drink I was iffy about this drink because I didn't like the texture of the boba when I drank my tea, but I always kept going back to get more and in the end i started to love this drink. So this is what I am craving at this moment because I would like something sweet and calming at this moment.

⭐︎ Now since the holidays are coming up I'm starting to drink this Mexican drink that hopefully many of you enjoy:

This drink would be Champurado!

boy, mexico, and champurado image
This is great for the Winter!

So this is great to have a nice day out with your friends and family and have this in your hands. While you have a talk or go shopping with others. As much as I LOVE this I can't have that much because my acne acts up and its sadness that I can't drink it at times during the winter, but other than that I love it and I do recommend it to others. (OH! this drink is made out of Milk and Chocolate. Its a really thick drink.)

↣ I have others but can't think of any right now so yeah.

⭐︎ Now for desserts I have a lot but these are the desserts are the ones that I am craving right now:

My ALL TIME FAVORITE DESSERT would be Cream Puffs!

Temporarily removed
Love this especially with Powered Sugar!

I really enjoy having these with my friends and just have chisme about anything about our College Campus and other things. You know just gathering at a friends house or at a park, and eat some cream puffs with some Boba or some coffee and just put some music on and just have a talk. I'm not craving these, but these sounds good later this week.

⭐︎ Next would be CHURROS!

chocolate, churros, and méxico image
The original ones!

I really enjoy these when its Dia De los Muertos! When the festival for the Day of the Dead is going on just having one on hand and eating it as the dancers dance around you! Its really fun! I love it! Though I only like the original ones that are not dipped or covered in chocolate or any type of syrup. I like the original ones with just the sugar on it. Just a simple churro will please me!

⭐︎The next Dessert would be Strawberries with Whipped Cream!

strawberry, red, and food image
Though not much of a dessert, but its YUMMY!

So I barely got into eating strawberries around this year, because I didn't really like strawberries because of the texture of it, but when I was at a friend's sleepover I had some so because I didn't want to look picky ( even though I am VERY picky of my food) so I ate one and I LOVED IT! Then she brought out the whipped cream and then I combined them and I saw Heaven! So now I just eat strawberries whenever I can and this is what I am craving right now !

⭐︎ Even though there are more deserts I would love to share with you guys I can't think of any right now So my last dessert would be Ice Cream!

Image by Cris Figueiredo
I don't have a favorite flavor!

I do not have a favorite flavor because all of them all SO YUMMY! Now that Winter is coming I can't really have much of the ice cream because I get cold easily, but I still eat some whenever I get the chance! LOL

➪Well now this ends the end of my craving/ favorite food to eat! Even though I am at work right now and I did this in the span of and hour and thirty minutes and my shift is almost over! I am actually proud of myself! Well until my next article Have a wonderful night!