name: yoon hyorin
nickname(s): hyo-hyo, conspiracy
birthday: 19th august
height: 5"1.5, 156.21cm
weight: 45kg, 99.2lb
ethnicity: korean


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She has a thin nose with a small beauty spot on the left side of her nose. She has black straight hair with bangs to the top of her eyes. She also has dark eyes and glossy pale skin.


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"Blurred and confusing, just like my sense of judgement"
Hyorin's aesthetic is glossy and blurring, like if you were to put lip balm over the camera's lenses'



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Hyorin's basic traits


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Ironic af, lowkey secretly a meme dealer, weird but funny, wants to boost people's self confidence, attracts people with her strange ways, honestly a whole mood.

Likes: Strawberries, milkshakes, skincare, memes, friends, doing quizzes like "Which Member of __ Are You?", trying out new things, talking to people (friends).

Dislikes: People telling her to grow up or be mature, people using the word 'weird' as an insult, handing in late exam papers, onions on sausages.


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She's bold and ambiguous with her style. She wears what she wants and when she wants, no matter the occasion. Though her main style is long sleeves over t-shirts, or turtle necks over sweaters.
The good thing about her closet is that it can suit with any occasion depending on how she pairs the clothes together.


Hyorin goes to an western school, and is one of the few Asians who go to that school. Because of this crossover she knows how to speak both Korean and English (as well as all her Asian friends).
Hyorin has two cats, Whisp (f) and Spark (m). They are her prized possessions and sometimes she even takes them on walks around the park - they go willingly.

She has a good group of friends at school, one in which includes Adrian.

Adrian is a boy who is secretly in love with her. He's heads over heels for her - he always goes with her opinions, goes out of his way to make her happy etc, but she doesn't seem to notice. They always do meme deals in the middle of the night, and sometimes at school if they're feeling risky 😎

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(article on adrian may come out in the future)

Hyorin and her friends often hang out when it's dark. They like to use this time to hang out in parking lots and explore abandoned buildings.

She has both of her parents alive and well.