Hello, everyone! My name is Michelle, nice to meet you. Welcome to my first article!

So now! I'm going to talk about an important topic: College. And listen here, I've reading a looot of articles here about college, but mhe, I feel like the are kinda incomplete, so that's why I decided to write this for you guys! Let's get it

  • You actually need notebooks

Ok, so, I don't have a laptop, yes, shoking, but I actually don't live in a country where you can spend that much money in a laptop, or even in a phone. Here, if you have a pc in your house with internet, you're lucky, so basically it's obligatory for me to have notebooks. But I find this actually really helpfull when I have to study, because a can make notes however the heck I want, I can draw on then, I can erase and make then again. I can do it like myself, if that makes any sense. And also! You'll never know what would happen to your laptop, so having a notebook with, at least, some notes, can be helpful.

  • If you don't go to class, then you're done

Don't skip class, kids! Even when you know that you're not going to do nothing on that day, you must go. You'll never know if you'll need that one class or not.

  • Forget about partys and stuff

Yeah, partys are great but, have you ever study so hard that in class you know every answer? That, my friend, is true happiness. I'm not saying that partys are completly banned. But going to a party every weekend? Men, Idk how you do that, tho. And, to be completly honest with you guys, partys are kinda overreated.

  • Please, do your homework at least three days before is due

... This is self explanatory.

  • Go to your lectures

Again, self explanatory.

  • Yes, you can eat that coockie and drink your 6th cup of coffee

I mean, you work so hard, may aswell reward yourself.

  • The only things you'll need for your classes are literally six thigns

1. Notebook.
2. Textbook, if you need one.
3. Pen.
4. Highlighter.
5. Water.
6. Coockie.

  • Ask the damn question

Are you actually going to look up for the answer later? No. Is someone going to help you find the asnwer? No. Your teacher knows the answer? Yes. So ask the damn question. If you don't understand something, then ask about it. You're there to learn. In fact, the 99.9999% of your classmates don't know the answer neither.

  • Forget about highschool. This is literally another dimension

If you think for a solid second that the highschool you and the college you are going to be the same person, think again. By the end of your first semester/year you're going to think differently. Even your tastes in a lot of things are going to change. Don't be afraid of that, it's normal. Just let it happen.

  • Don't forget about yourself

Sometimes, due final exams, and homework and trying to catch up in a lot of things, you slowly forget about taking care of yourself. Please rebember to eat well, sleep at leats seven hours, drink water, wash your face every night and to go for a walk. It's really easy to loose track of ourselfs when it comes to clases and all that, so try to keep a balance, at least with what you eat.

That's it, friends! Hope you enjoy this article. Not sure if I'm going to make another one but who knows. Hope this would help you a little bit and good luck

Rebember, you nice, keep going!