I know is way too early to start thinking about the christmas wishlist. But my neighbour already have his christmas tree, so every time I see through the window i start thinking about this season of the year and what kind of things i want (or need).

Maybe this will give you an idea of what you want to get this year.

Yankees cap

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This cap is really cool, i think is kind of classic and it looks amazing in a lot of outfits. And of course the Yankees is one of my favorites teams.

"Get Back" necklace

get back, jewelry, and necklaces image get back, jewerly, and necklace image

This is a surfer necklace, it has a really cute meaning. This is probably my fav thing on the list.

Champion hoodie

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I know that everyone is wearing these right now, but if i'm being honest with you i want this thing because it looks hella soft.


music image flowers, beach, and blue image

Music is my soul and i need one of these in my life.


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I really need a new bedding, the one that i have is probably for a 5 year old girl.

Bose QuietComfort 35

black friday sale, bose, and bluetooth headphone image niall horan and one direction image

This is my impossible dream, i want these with ALL my soul they sound amazing, but they are very expensive so it will never happen :(

Coffee Machine

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I drink coffee every-single-day. So the day i get my own coffee machine i officially will be in the paradise. I I would probably buy a Dolce Gusto machine.

Fila Sneakers

Fila, shoes, and sneakers image shoes, Fila, and black image

Honestly i'm kind of obsessed with this sneakers, they look sooooo cute.


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I actually don't like the type of weird sunglasses that a lot of people is wearing now, i'm just looking for a normal ones.

Well thats all! Of course i'm not getting all of this, if i'm lucky i will get 2 of this things.
I hope this gave you some ideas for this christmas!
Bye people, have a great season.

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