Spring is nearly coming to an end here in Australia and these are the songs that I've had on repeat these last coupe of months...

Light On - Maggie Rogers

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Her debut album is coming next year and she performed this and Fallingwater on SNL this month - she absolutely killed it!! Check it out if you haven't :)

Younger - Seinabo Sey

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"You ain't getting any younger, are you?" Motivating

Emotion - Astrid S

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"Did you forget, that I've got a thing called emotion?" This is a banger. She also filmed the mv in Iceland and it's amazing.

So Simple - Thea

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"It's so simple to me, so why wouldn't we?" Such a sweet song, and Thea is so soulful.

Easy - Ella Mai

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"Love is easy, so don't you make it hard" So beautiful, just her, a piano and a choir at the end.

Gentle Earthquakes - AURORA

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"Watching lightning strike in my lover's eyes" AURORA is amazing and this song just gets your soul happy and fired up haha

For Yourself - Ralph

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"How the hell you gonna love someone else, someone else?" All about that self love y'all

Bird Sounds - Didirri

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"Been wasting all my time on complexing complexes, didn't realise simple was so slight" Love this guy's songwriting, feeds the soul.

Mermaid - Skott

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"It's true, you know that I would jump too" This song is so cool, sort of mystical but punchy, takes me to another place.

Somebody to Love - Troye Sivan

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I watched Bohemian Rhapsody this week and it is one of the best film's I've seen. And Troye is a fave, so had include this beautiful song here.

Oasis - Violetta Zironi

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"Leave the desert at the door, we'll be wondering no more" Beautiful.

Nothing Compares 2 U - Anna of the North

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"Since you been gone I can do whatever I want.." I love Anna of the North

Thanks for taking the time to be here! I love music and discovering new songs, and hopefully this has given you a few recommendations! Take care xx