Wedding videography has come to stay as photography has become customary and not fancy. More people now fancy innovative videos that show their wedding event in high gloss and with special effects. The art of filming wedding events have exceeded all expectations, thanks to the latest digital technology in video and the software that have been compiled for highly imaginative editing. Here are some reasons why you should opt for wedding videos over or besides wedding photography.

1. Still photography is mostly posed captures hence may look artificial and fail to capture the true essence and feeling of the moment. A video on the other hand reproduce what has interchanged on the particular moment in all vivid details

2. Videography can pan over the entire crowd in one sweep and get everyone into the frame live! This is not possible with photography as it can only produce still images that may not have continuity.

3. With video a videographer you can add as many special effects as you want. You have plethora of options while shooting videos and they would include focus, angles, exposure, speed, quality and resolutions. In a video film all these elements make a big difference and the outcome will be something that you might have not imagined.

4. Videography is able to capture live moments in their true sense. It is spontaneous and lively and you can easily relive the memory in all details and be part of the past once again when you sit to watch the video with your spouse in the future.

5. Wedding videos are great source of happiness because it reminds you of your younger years and how smart and handsome you looked on the wedding day. It is a great feeling to have wedding video as it will helps recreate the magic moment in full detail

6. With wedding videography you hardly have a chance to miss people who have participated in the event. It is also possible to take stills from a video and you can ask your videographer to have photo prints of important moments for your album.

7. The video will also help you to pep up wedding anniversary functions as you can easily incorporate them as a part of the celebration.

8. Watching wedding videos with your partner is likely to strengthen the bond between you. It may work as a healer when things are not going right for your relation.