AI & Machine Learning as of today is making a great impact on humans as far as their interaction with machines and other devices are concerned. Technology is no longer considered just a tool but we can see it turning into reality from the realms of imagination. The future of mobile app development has recognized that AI & ML will be the game changer as customers in present times are relying more on them as immediate solutions for assistance or completing tasks.

Since app developers rely on AI & ML, below are some ways they will bring about a change in mobile app development

AI is a personalization tool as it gains an insight into the user’s personal information like search and buying habits. AI provides a distinctive experience as it is based on individual preferences thus increasing engagement and enhancing customer satisfaction. AI & ML creates algorithms by educating machines so that information can be processed like a human brain. Machines both at front-end and back-end will be able to learn consumer preferences, but app developers will make use of AI for automating repetitive tasks and with software testing proceed into the next phase of development.

Multi-Channel Experience
The Internet has made possible a large number of communication channels in the form of touch points in one place. These are social media, chatbots, web apps, review sites, websites and affiliate networks. The data needs to be synchronized from all the channels and stored in a single place. This will make the consumer’s journey through all these mediums easy and comfortable. Mobile is a channel through which users can manage check-ins, book tickets online, go through identification by a non-obtrusive biometric system. Mobile apps will see a radical shift allowing users to refrain from managing respective channels individually to an omnichannel that will surely enrich the customer experience.

Cognitive Intelligence
Modern apps are not just to carry on routine tasks but to be smart enough to understand logic and improve their capabilities. With a combination of big data analysis and cloud applications, predictive insights will provide efficient services to consumers according to their requirements. Now it is not only about booking tickets by choosing a web or mobile but improving user’s experience through the journey with smart mobile apps.

Constant Improvement
It is difficult for businesses to depend upon traditional framework to meet the continuously changing market situations like cut-throat competition and evolving technology. Businesses need to constantly test and evolve and this has been made possible with the advent of ‘cloud’. Mobile apps will adapt to the changing preferences of consumers with the help of real-time insights of consumer behaviour.

To conclude modern technology in mobile app development has resulted in a considerable change in the working of enterprises. The main aim has been to provide smart experience across several channels instead of one. The focus is now on consumers rather than on technologies with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, cloud computing, Internet of Things, data analysis and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality.