"your right i know nothing about you!"

it's not like i know that when your uncomfortable that your slouch in your chair or start cracking your knuckles to distract you

or that when you get nervous your eyebrows raise and you rub your wrists up and down

not like I know that despite living three hours away at college you still make sure whenever your little sister has a ballet recite or your little brother has a football game that you are there proudly watching them

it's not like I know that every party that you go to you have water in your solo cup instead of alcohol.

it's not like I know that every sunday you go and have dinner with your grandparents before taking them out for ice cream - which always happens to be your shout

i don't happen to know that you pick up your little cousins from school every tuesday, thursday and every second friday because your aunt now works two jobs just to keep a roof over their heads since her husband left her

i don't know that you stopped playing the one sport that you enjoyed most because your dad got sick and he needed you more

i don't know that when you have a nightmare you clench onto the sheets until your knuckles start to turn white

or that your shit scared of commitment so that every girl that comes here night after night banging and kicking on your door, trying to kick some sense into you are just distractions from the real problem; yourself

so your right i know nothing about you.

but i do know that one day your going to feel the hurt you project onto every girl that tries to break down that door of yours. your going to meet someone whether she is the one or not and somehow due to your shameful ways you will fuck up and for the first time ever it will hurt you. more than it ever could.