The days leading up to November 11th, 2018 were peculiar. When new activity arises I always see 11:11 more frequently. The time traveler had told me to beware, but i was stung regardless. The morning of November 11 I knew something strange would happen.

I awoke to a knocking on my window at 8 am exactly. As the crisp air hit me, I noticed there was a small crumpled piece of paper on the floor. I was told to meet at 1111 I street at 11 am. I knew this must have been from the time traveler... so I went.

He is handsome, but now he has a major scar on his cheek. It makes him look..rugged.

He looked at me and told me that knew things were beginning to happen. Different worlds were beginning to appear and merge. Worlds that we can not begin comprehend. He said they places of evil and chaos, but they were coming on behalf of the equalizer.

When the time traveler found out he wasn't God, he found out there was an equalizer, the force that supposedly brings balance to the world.

He explained that only people who could truly see the other world could be affected, in other words, I am cursed.

I thought the time traveler was crazy.

In the other world, my alter was suffering.

My arm began to scar where I was stung, without a trace of an actual wound.

The time traveler has asked to take me somewhere tomorrow. He says he has undeniable proof. He says there are more like us, haunted by the other worlds, as punishment.

I don't want to be crazy, but I can't explain these things.

Its safe to say things here because no one can listen. The 6 rocks I once held still turn into 7, the eyes still stare at me when I blink, VMF continues to appear. I can't even link these things to something particular, but insanity.

I feel as though I am in a nightmare. 🖤I cant wake up.🖤