this is a post about one direction, who if you don’t know, is probably one of the biggest boy bands of all time. they came to be on the x-factor in 2010, and if you ask anyone, they’ll say that they became obsessed when simon put them on the same team or when they first started putting out their own music. that i find completely bullshit.

boys, gif, and the x factor image

you never hear about the one direction stans that joined the fandom a little while in, or a little too late. that’s what i am. a little too late.

i discovered one direction like any other preteen girl, what makes you beautiful was playing on the radio. the only difference is that i hated it the second i heard it. everyone was talking about one direction! and it was so annoying. i did like live while we’re young for a while though, until i found out it was one direction.

it wasn’t until march 25, 2015 when zayn malik left the band. one of my ex-best-friends had been in love with one direction and zayn, so i wanted to see what the hype truly was about… and mainly i pitied them. turns out it was a good choice. because not only did i find a new musical artist, i also discovered my current boyfriend and the love of my life, niall horan.

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here’s the thing about niall, he’s amazing. i love him. if i knew he existed back when i shat on one direction i would not be able to forgive myself. but the odd thing is that one day my mom brought home these journal things and i was like “i want the pink one!” and it just so happened that niall was the pink one. just saying, i loved him before i knew him, ngl.

but my favorite one direction songs are girl almighty, through the dark, and temporary fix (in case you were wondering). favorite album is four, but you know how we all have our favorite album that we say is our favorite album but in reality there’s another one that we like more because you like more of the songs— that’s me with midnight memories.

that’s all i can think of for now, so catch you on the flip side. bailey

p.s. one direction pls come back