Inspired by @blairbernard to do this tag, as I have finished watching the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina series a while ago. ;)

Name - Crystal Silverwood

girl, grunge, and dark image dark, goblet, and witch image black and skirt image witch, book, and magic image


hair and woman image Image removed red, lips, and aesthetic image aesthetic, black hair, and aesthetics image
18 years old, dark hair, red lips, grey eyes, 5'7

Style {Everyday Wear}

Temporarily removed black, grunge, and sexy image look, aesthetic, and black image rose image
black skirts, shorts, and/or dresses

Style {Events}

dress, fashion, and red image red, fashion, and dress image Abusive image Temporarily removed
red, red, and more red to bring out the inner demoness ;)


hell, grunge, and quotes image Devil, red, and aesthetic image quotes, smile, and aesthetic image Abusive image
passionate, dark humor, angsty, keen, daring


antique, old, and silver image book, breakfast, and cups image nature, forest, and river image Temporarily removed
antiquing, reading, going for walks in the forest, collecting crystals


Temporarily removed home, house, and luxury image Image removed bedroom, room, and home image
dark, slightly modern house with several windows, library section, brick and marble walls, dim lights


cute, rabbit, and strawberry image Temporarily removed Image by pikinel200_1 animal, black, and easter image
black bunny named Onyx

Preferred Magic

crystals, skulls, and witch image Image removed Image by Miss Universe❤️🌿☀️ fire, hand, and aesthetic image
dark magic; necromancy

Favorite Tools

Temporarily removed ouija, grunge, and aesthetic image potion, aesthetic, and harry potter image tarot, cards, and magic image
crystal ball, ouija board, potions, tarot cards