Don't you always assign a song to a person that you just met? Well, I do that ALL the time. If you are one of those people, you'll understand me. Some of this songs will not make sense to the person that I'm referring to, this were just songs that were playing in my phone by the time I met this people, and it was impossible to forget about it, DON'T JUDGE ME! Also, some of this songs are really good, and if you are reading this you should hear them ;)

Doing It For Money - Foster The People

music image
This one reminds me of the guy I like :)

Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

imagine dragons, dan reynolds, and ben mckee image
This one reminds me of someone I met while I was in the US

Wasted - Tiesto (ft. Matthew Koma)

wasted and tiesto image
This one reminds me of the guy I liked, I don't know what I saw in him at that time, he's a douchebag

Blame - Calvin Harris (feat. John Newman)

Image by Cristy
This one reminds me of my BFF, which btw I love with all my heart :D

Yo Te Esperaré - Cali & El Dandee

cali y el dandee image
This one reminds me of a 10 year friendship, I remember when we were like 7, we used to sing this all the time. Beautiful memories.

This is the end, hope you liked it! See u soon!