Hey mortal!! Do you like magic? Come here and read me, we can be friends... or not?

My name is: katherina kyteler

i'm laveau descendant, don't mess with me
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appareance & style
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21 years old, I'm brunette, my hair is long and brown. My fav brand is nike bc i have an urban style but at the same time i love jewelry, nails and make up. I'm so fucking hot.
style in events
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i'm a modern witch, i enjoy of show my body, wearing modern styles. but the colors use to be the same red and black, are my favorite.
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I really love be an independent girl. I'm a little serious but when i feel comfortable, i can be really funny. Sometimes I can be seem rude but i'm kind, sweet and romantic
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My hobbie is rest in my house to study and create new spells meanwhile listening good music and drink a cup of chocolate or coffee
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i live in new orleans
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my bengal cat and his name is Hades
favorite magic and tools
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I'm a Laveau's descendant, i belong to a powerful witches family and i'm proud of that. i can do voodoo, read the fire and some of dark magic. however, my favorite magic is reading the cards (tarot) and read love spellings. My favorite tools are the cards, candles and fire.