Pondering over reality is not what I like doing.
However, It's unavoidable.
I imagine engrossing scenarios,
where life has background music
and the birds share their experience.
Yet, reality arrives unexpectedly.
It mutes the music and sends the
birds away.
It is then when I realize that
all I have is my imagination
to keeping me breathing.
I rely on those dreamy thoughts,
after a tough day.
I play some music and wait patiently
'til the beats drive me away from
the aftermath of this life.

Some people seem to understand this life's game
They smile and live a seemingly happy
Eveything inside of them is in silence, though.
I, on the other hand, look plain
and gloomy. They should see
what's inside of my. It is like
watching a movie aestheticly pleasing.

It looks to me they have given up on
their imagintation and have embraced
their reality.
I just cannot do such a thing.
I want to hear the background music
while staring at people on the streets.
As well as listening to what the birds have
to say.
It would be immensely sad
to miss the sweet side of this life..