hi, my name is bailey. i’m sixteen years old and dare i say, going crazy. i’m going to share everything with you here. my hopes, my dreams, the things that i imagine. the first thing that i’m going to get into is what i look like.

for starters, i’m 5’8” (1.727 m) which is fairly tall for most everyone i meet, considering a major of my friends are all under 5’5” (1.651 m). i’m mainly made up of legs, with a very short torso— which make high waisted things even more pleasing than they already are. my hair is a medium length, dark brown. it’s wavy, and sometimes it reached a curl factor of one. i have had the “taylor swift” side bangs from 2014, since 2014. though they have more transformed into more of an ariel style.

gif, Taylor Swift, and 1989 world tour image
what they are /supposed/ to be

i’ve been told i have a heart-shaped face, and it’s covered in freckles. i have almond eyes that are on the rather small side, they’re amber in color. i always thought they were hazel until seventh grade when someone said i had wolf-like eyes, so i had gone and looked them up and discovered amber was a rare colored eye. speaking of rare things, i have a geographic tongue. it’s a harmless condition that appears in less than 3% of the worldwide population. all that it is is a red, smooth patch that changes location whenever it feels like it.

other that, i’m your basic white girl (other than the fact that i have terrible vision.) i love starbucks, taylor swift, and one direction. how can you get more basic than that?

anyways, catch you on the flip side. bailey