☕︎ ☕︎ ID

Name: Aurora Reeves
Age: 24
Zodiac: Gemini
Job: Artist

She met Monica while she was working at the restaurant and she was looking for a job as a waitress. They became fast friends and later introduced her to Phoebe and bonded over her craziness. Then they introduced her to Joey and Chandler next door and they became the best of friends since Joey loves food and Chandler is the jokester. Ross barged into their apartment and that's when they met and became friends. She met Rachel at the coffeeshop and became friends over their love for fashion.

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☕︎ ☕︎ Appearance

Hair: Dark-Brown curly
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'4

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☕︎ ☕︎ Work Days

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Aurora paints for living and sells them, but she works as a waitress for a side job. Her living room is basically her art studio because she feels the most inspired there.

☕︎ ☕︎ Style

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☕︎ ☕︎ Favorites

Meal: Subs
Drink: Coffee
Dessert: Ice Cream
Actor: Johnny Depp
Movie: Breakfast Club
Singer: Madonna
Book: The Giver
Place: Central Perk

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☕︎ ☕︎ Personality

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sarcastic, loyal, protective, creative, sassy, adventurous

☕︎ ☕︎ Home

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☕︎ ☕︎ Boyfriend

Name: Noah Garnier
Age: 24
Zodiac: Aries
Job: Sculptor
They met at an art museum when they were admiring the same piece. They started to discuss the art and that's where their connection started.

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He's funny, loyal, intelligent, and romantic. Noah deeply loves Aurora and treats her like a queen. Aurora feels the same as well and loves how he's so passionate.

☕︎ ☕︎ Relationship

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