Five months later and I still can't seem to process what it all meant to you. All the laughs and jokes, the invitations and unwarranted kindness. Even the conversations where I couldn't help but poke fun at you and you at me, I had never felt something so easy, and simple. An effortless thing that we created masked by friendship yet teeming with static. I felt like you always wanted to say something more when we hung out yet you didn't. And every goodbye always felt weird like we knew we had places to be but we couldn't find a way to end the moment. Why did you have to ruin what I thought was a friendship? The macho commentary was so left-field I didn't even know how to react. What, because I was miles away now you felt like you had something to prove? At the end of the day you don't want me, you just want to be entertained. And I am no one's cause for amusement, find someone who puts up with the hot and cold because baby, it ain't no longer gonna be me.