So, I decided that for my YouTube channel I wanted to try to work out like Alexis Ren for a week an halfway through the week I decided to extend it and a week into it and I decided to also share it here.

This is the first week of the Alexis Ren workout challenge, I will be doing her Hourglass abs and Beach Bum workout that are on her YouTube Channel, both are 10 minutes long and super rough.


About me

  • i am not active what so ever, i sit all day and write or plan or edit
  • my experience level is whatever is below beginner because the last time i did any sort of work out was in 8th grade when i cheered
  • i will be doing both workouts in the morning 30-60 minutes after my morning coffee, but without food and about 1.5 hours after waking (This is just what naturally happened and I liked it so it will stay that way)
  • i will not change my eating habits, tho i should
  • i will not be doing anything else differently
  • for it to be reasonable and realistic, i go day to day as i normally would, but start with 20-30 minutes of hard exercise and a shower
  • i am naturally very skinny and have a super fast metabolism...

Starting Measurements

I will not be dictating success on my measurements and i will not weigh myself as I personally think weight can be toxic, the number gets fixated in my brain and i get to the point i count my calories to lose weight and am constantly worried about that number that isnt even accurate... anyways, i will share measurements purely so you know how well or not well the workout was and what it did for me... idk

  • Right Arm (Bicep): 9.75
  • Left Arm (Bicep): 9.5
  • Right Thigh (thickest part): 17.5
  • Left Thigh (Thickest part): 17.5
  • Bum (Widest part of bum): 34.5
  • Waist (Smallest part): 25

*all in inches

Day One

This was the day that really piqued my interest in doing this. I found it on YouTube at like 8 P.M. and decided I wanted to try it. I literally felt like I was dying and wanted to throw up, and I didn't even get through half of the workouts as a whole. It was a very bad job, but showed me how out of shape I was and not only wanted to continue, but need to continue.

Day Two

I woke up not sore probably because I did not do hardly any of the routine the night before, but tried my best to power through the entirety and achieved more than night one; however, I felt even more sick this day than I did with Night One, I actually felt like I was dying and had to sit down in the shower because my legs could not hold me up any longer. After my shower I felt slightly better but did not get back to 100% until after an hour after I ate. As the day went on, the sorer I got

Day Three

Day Three was the day it was really setting in, so my thighs and butt were unimaginably sore, It hurt to pee...but despite that I powered through and finished 99% of abs and at least half of butt, but my thighs were in such pain they kept buckling and quivering. Afterwards I felt only slightly sick, but not nearly as bad as the day before

Day Four

This was the first day that I just slept like crap the night before so everything was hitting me hard and I was struggling super duper hard and had to take A LOT of mini breaks in between reps, but managed to power through nearly all of the routine

This was also the day I noticed something odd about my abs... the left side was looking good and hourglassy but the right side of my body looked straight af.... also was the day I decided I wanted to go longer than a week for better results

Day Five

Day 5 is when it all started going downhill... it was the second day that I hadn't slept well and I was getting unmodivated and wanted to give up despite my best efforts. I struggled majorly in finishing because I thought it would be a good idea to switch it up and do Bum first and then Abs, but boy was I wrong... I could not finish...

Day Six

This is the day I started giving up and losing hope. I didn't want this to happen and tried my best to power through it, but I could not. I didn't even finish half of the routine and was in some bad shape, so I decided to take the weekend off and not do anything for the next two days.

I decided to to take the break because I realize for my health, I need to be working out and moving my muscles at least a little, but I was losing faith. I had gone from working out 0 minutes a day to aiming for 7 days a week and that was impractical... even models take a small break every now and then... you just simply cannot push your body to do things it is not used to doing.

End Of Week Measurements

I took my measurements at the end of the week before my break, mainly so I could see the difference in a two day break, but also it's fun to me and encouraging to me to see the difference a little persistence can make. That's what I need... a little nudge of 'this is working and is worth it' for me to keep doing it.

  • Right Arm: 10
  • Left Arm: 9.5
  • Right Thigh: 18
  • Left Thigh: 18
  • Bum: 35
  • Waist: 24.5

Measure Recap

In One Week,

  • Right Arm: +0.25
  • Left Arm: the same, i find odd btw
  • Right Thigh: +0.5
  • Left Thigh: +0.5
  • Bum: +0.5
  • Waist: -0.5

That is all for this weeks roundup, I will do Week Two's roundup after Thanksgiving... also I've just realized the week of Thanksgiving I will be at my Grandmother's and will not be able to continue this routine.... I will have to see what I can do about that....

... actually I've decided that week two (Days 10-15) I will not only do the routine once, but twice... wish me luck.

In the meantime, follow me on Instagram @_adelemarie_ and subscribe to my YouTube Channel, I am videoing my Alexis Ren Journey and you will be able to actually see the improvement (and my uneven sides) the link is here: