Have you ever felt it?

So much love in your chest that you thought it would explode.
After a past of so much pain,
Life surprises you with love.

So much love that I did not know how to put it out.
Neither letters, presents, hugs, enormous gestures of affection, words, tears, songs, kisses ... have been faithful enough to this feeling.

I still do not know and I still do not know how to express it.

I confess, sometimes I get distressed. Have you stayed?
You know it's such a good, pure love, it makes you so good ... you want it forever, but realize that the "forever" and "eternal" do not exist.
Unless you make it exist.

I explain.
I promised my self:
- I will make the eternal existence next to "I love you forever" and "I love me forever". I will accept my mistakes, yours, the crooked ways, the obstacles, the tears, the misunderstandings, the difficulties, the bruises that will be cured with kisses and conversations. -

I want to make and love eternal. I'll do it.
It's like taking care of a plant, right?
Those that last so many years ... and go beyond our own lives, you know? You care, water, abute, talk, give as much affection as you can and it grows with you, beside you too ... her in your vessel and you in your world, but together and with love.

One day she could get hurt,
one day it may wither,
One day she may die, but a plant does not die out of nowhere.
Not even love.
We have to believe.

I take care of you like a flower.
I feed you with my love.
I hold you with my heart.
I'll take you by my side forever.
I will take care of every leaf that falls.
I will take care of every weed that may come.
I promise to make our love eternal, like a tree that lives more than a lifetime.

I love you.