Hello, I love fall. It's not only because my birthday is in fall either. I just feel like there is so much going on and so much is changing. I love the aesthetic and mood of fall. So, I might be a little bit late, but here are some of my favourite fall things for you to enjoy and help you get in the fall spirit:

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Fall Playlist

  • Don't Come Home Today by Good Morning
  • Something Good by alt-J
  • No One Does It Like You by Department Of Eagles
  • Cold Cold Cold by Cage The Elephant
  • Turtle Island by Beach House
  • Burning by The War On Drugs
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  • Pinesong by A Fine Frenzy
  • Sadderdaze by The Neighbourhood
  • Mykonos by Fleet Foxes
  • Heart of Chambers by Beach House
  • New Slang by The Shins
  • Sedona by Houndmouth
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  • Red Eyes by The War On Drugs
  • Used To Be - 2008 Single Version by Beach House
  • Sleep Apnea by Beach Fossils
  • Aberdeen - Unpeeled by Cage The Elephant
  • No Buses by Arctic Monkeys
  • Home Again by Beach House
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Here's a link to listen to this playlist on Spotify:


The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

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I just finished reading this book series (there are 4 books) and wow I am in love. It doesn't actually take place during fall until the end of the series, but it definitely give me fall vibes. Probably because the aesthetic is dark and a bit spooky (psychics, magic, monsters galore!) It's hard to capture the essence of these books in just a few words, so you're just going to have to trust me that these are PERFECT fall books.

Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery

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This book is good literally all year round, maybe because it takes place over the span of a few years and you get to see all seasons. But, it definitely has some really nice autumnal parts. It just feels so homey and warm.
"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers"
— Anne Shirley

A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket

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I've actually only read the first book in this series and I know that I definitely need to read more. I think they are perfect to read in fall, though, because they are so spooky and actually a bit dreadful. Like, they are children's books technically, but they're also so dark. Ideal to read on a gloomy fall day.
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Fantastic Mr. Fox

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What a cute movie!! I could watch it thousands of times, and you only need to look at the colour scheme for 0.2 seconds to know that this movie is perfect for fall.


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Coraline scared me so much as a child haha. It's the ultimate spooky movie and it's actually a work of art. Even if Halloween is over, fall is the time to watch it.

Harry Potter

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Probably every person reading this has already seen Harry Potter (if you haven't.....????). But fall is the perfect time to re-watch them all. Have a Harry Potter marathon!! I feel like that's such a classic Thanksgiving/Christmas thing to do.

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

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And while we're on the topic of Harry Potter, might as well mention Fantstic Beasts. I love this movie so much, I've seen it five times now (twice in theatres) and the second one is coming out this week!!!! Just like the Harry Potter movies, something about them just feels so... warm? Cozy? Comforting? I do not know, but it reminds me of fall.
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TV Shows

Anne with an E

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This might be cheating since I already included the book, but this is a show based off of Anne of Green Gables. It's a bit different than the books, but it's still really good, really fall-ish and it definitely needs some more love. It's on Netflix, go watch it!!
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Stranger Things

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I'm pretty sure that everybody has either seen or at least heard of Stranger Things, so I'm not going to explain it. But, both seasons so far take place between October and December, so if you're gonna binge it, do it now!!


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I don't know what it is about this show that reminds me of fall, but it sure does remind me of fall. It's probably because of how school based it is, and what is more fall-ish for teenagers than school, am I right? Anyway, this is a nice show (although I like the second season better than the first). Still, go watch it on Netflix!

Law and Order SVU

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This isn't even that much of a fall show, it's good to watch all year, it's just that the new season is coming out right now and I'm so excited I just had to include it. I'm not even that big a fan of cop shows, but I love this show so much. I would die for any of the characters. Also, it's on its 20th season right now, so there's plenty to binge watch, but you can jump in and start watching at any time. A lot of the time it deals with some pretty heavy stuff, but in between that there are funny, cute, and badass moments. Also, Iv'e learned so much from watching it. Ah, I love Law and Order SVU.

Gilmore Girls

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I haven't actually watched this show (I feel like I should though) except a few episodes here and there (which seemed really good), but my sister has seen it all, and I've heard that it captures the essence of fall perfectly. Like, this show just is the season of fall, that's it.
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Extra :)

Something else that I love to do in fall is bake!! It's really nice to bake cookies to bring to your friends (or just eat all by yourself, but in my personal experience, baking cookies is the best way to bribe people into liking you). So, I've attached my favourite fall cookie recipe that me and my sister use all the time and people seem to enjoy? It's a lovely recipe, hard to mess up. Plus, ginger molasses cookies, what's more fall-ish than that?


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Okay, thank you for reading my very long article. It took me a lot of time and effort that I probably should have spent on homework. If you have any questions about anything that I recommended and want me to explain it further, just DM me!! I hope you enjoyed this and that it helps to enhance your autumn experience :) And if you want to read some of my other articles:

~ xoxoxo kira