As every day I find myself in my comfortable bed, reviewing my 3 biggest secrets: the diary that my mother left me at death, the first recognition I won in a piano championship and my first letter to my prince blue.
I will tell you a little about them:
the death of my mother was the most painful that happened to me how much my mother wanted me was very beautiful sweet besides a great pianist and poet she was perfect growing I wanted to be like her, I wanted her to see me succeed but time I took it before I achieved what I had promised but even after the death of my mother I wanted to play the piano because I felt it by my side happy mesentia so I reached the age of 11 years to present myself in a piano competition
My piano competition I did the best I could because I wanted to get where my mother wanted that wherever she was listening to that melody that so many awards I give her throughout the competition I met several boys and girls all were very skilled playing especially Marie and Baruch
Marie, a very friendly, cheerful sweet girl, was 13 years old but the piano was not the most important thing. She wanted to be free like any girl but her parents were from a rich family and they forced her to play but as time passed the piano became her Mate was the only one who understood his pains.

Baruch was very handsome maybe a little proud but all that was due to his past which was not very nice to hear how they had suffered filled me with nostalgia was not the only one who had lost something they valued a lot, Baruch was the one who taught me the most , who understood me because I had lost as I did his mother understood me shared my suffering because that became my prince blue.
My blue prince who had freed me from my pain who shared all that I had felt I loved being at his side his words were enough to free my heart from the suffering in which my prince was wrapped blue made me touch my way sound of the piano will change out more cheerful I wanted to play for the not know that was fine what I wanted from the beginning was to be equal to my mother and she was what inspired me but now I did not know what she wanted to reach the heart of all the people wanted me to remember the beautiful melody that I had to be able to release hearts of suffering but my prince was not more than my father having immersed myself in a pain I imagined things and my father was the one who freed me from that hole that I had fallen I did not believe it, I thought that all this was a lie, that's why I wrote the letter to my prince blue.