As we've already established, the choker is one of the most polarizing phenomenons to exist in fashion. But at times, it is best to go big or go home, and you're not ready to go home! Become one with your necklace.

Oversized pendants are for the avid choker wearer who is not afraid to throw, or should we say "swing" their weight around. Putting one of these mighty beasts on would be like replacing your car's engine with a Ferrari's engine!

Simply get a ribbon choker, chain, or cord and have it worn up to your throat or jugular notch, and consider one the following decorations that are 2.5 inches or larger:

And more.

Unless you do not feel like an important, special, or unique person, then a mega medallion is for you! Should you be concerned that they might be too big for you? Nope! They're queen sized, after all! A large statement choker may just be what you even need to make your neck looking slimmer or even your smile looking hotter.

Putting this larger choker on can boost your confidence and mood in just three simple steps: Put it on -> Go to the mirror -> Fall in love! Whether you want to show that you're unstoppable, or just want to feel unstoppable, there is never an inappropriate style or occasion for one.

The most common of these queen-sized chokers are often associated with goth or victorian fashion. But who can blame them? Looking that beautiful would make you want to howl at the moon! Cameos, crosses, keys, moons, many are suitable for looking like the foxiest demoness in town!

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Bohemian women love their chokers, too. Whether on a suede cord or a ribbon like goth fashion, a larger medallion can make a woman feel calm, comfortable, happy, and sexy. You know you're amazing, so show it at the moment when people first meet you.

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A big, beautiful shell is perfect for that woman who's a surfer or a surfer at heart. Abalone and mother of pearl are types of shells that can be carved into hearts, moons and more. Just because you're out on the beach in a bikini doesn't mean you should leave the neck candy behind, even though you'd also like to rough house with your friends at the Canary Islands.

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Are you a preppy or upper-class lady? Well you can always look like you belong on the red carpet with an oversized choker! A black ribbon with a metal pendant can always make you look like royalty, whereas some large bling on a short chain will make you look like you just came from a music video! Make sure that people remember your face with statement jewelry that best compliments it!

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But what about business or corporate attire you ask? Oversized chokers also can work their magic into turn you from a boss into a ruler! Is your job tough & you just want to do something to get the higher ups to bow down to you?

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And who says that you normal ladies can't transform as well? If you're looking to enjoy a blast of a party, the oversized pendant will make you look like anything but bland. Use your best moves at the club and party like there's no tomorrow! You'll quickly love the sound your pendant makes when cutting through air.

blonde, chest, and choker image

And of course, what woman doesn't want to be seen with a prestigious gold medal around her neck? Ladies cannot look like champions until they can show how they are number 1!

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Still not convinced? Check the various looks below to see if you cannot fall in love. Also be sure to read the below articles on the top 10 TV and movie chokers. There are various actresses in film and TV that have worn the most dangerous chokers seen by human eyes!

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