i am a music freak
no matter what language its in
now my top 4 song from diff. countries

american โ˜ผ

khalid image shawn mendes, shawn, and mendes image couple, goals, and john legend image album, album cover, and music image

1 โŒฆ 8TEEN by khalid
(listen to this when you feel free [?] lol)
2 โŒฆ stitches by shawn mendes
(life song for me)
3 โŒฆ penthouse floor by john legend
(makes me feel classy r something ha)
4 โŒฆ as i am by h.e.r.
(i love h.e.r. bc her vibe is my style)

spanish โ™”

boys, cool, and green image fire, lol, and show image trap and benito image deja vu, gif, and shakira image

1 โ–ท mayores by becky g, bad bunny
(feel bad during this song)
2 โ–ท mi gente by j balvin, willy william
3 โ–ท soy peor by bad bunny
(idk why bad bunny makes me feel new)
4 โ–ท darte un beso by prince poyce
(he is so ughhhh~)

korean โ˜พ

loco image Image removed minhyuk, i.m, and wonho image Image by ~mar_2001~

1 โŽ† good by loco
(moving on vibes)
2 โŽ† spirit animal by jessi
(my confidence level is jessi)
3 โŽ† shinin' forever by monstax
(shinin forever baby!)
4 โŽ† airplane pt 2 by bts
(i go to diff. places alot so this gives me traveling vibes)

that's it~
i hope u like it
---- luv urself shop