This tag was inspired by another WeHeartit writer, so of course I didn't come up with this specifically.

Now my preference for guys is actually really simple since appearance is something I don't really look for; as I look for a guys personality to determine whether or not their attractive but if I could choose everything in a guy, here is what I would want.



noah centineo and boy image cole sprouse, boy, and riverdale image Image removed couple, love, and boy image
Hair is definitely a big part of someone's appearance, in my opinion. Guys with long hair is one of my weakness' for sure.
Harry Styles, one direction, and harry image eyebrows and eyes image boys, guys, and Hot image eyes, guys, and hair image
A guys smile and eyes can be so damn cute, especially in the morning when you can just admire their features in the morning sun light. Cliché, I know.
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Okay now this opinion is very diverse because having a guy who is chubby can be an amazing cuddle buddy, but a guy with a tone body and veins and tattoos-- like there much competition?



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A series of photos, each with a different meaning. The first one represents feeling and emotions. A guy who isn't afraid to share himself with you; isn't afraid to cry once in a while. The second and third ones representing themselves; being themselves. Someone who can goof around without fearing what the other person things of them. The final picture is of Tyler Joseph. I chose this last one because Tyler is shy overall, but once he's comfortable with you he becomes this cute little person who is just fearless. Cuteness overload.

Of course, though, these are just preference. No one should ever feel insecure about themselves because they're appearance doesn't live up to the ones pictured. You don't have to have bright blue eyes, a fit body, nice hair. If you have an amazing personality it doesn't matter your appearance or your flaws because if someone falls in love with your laugh; with your voice the rest doesn't matter.

If you enjoyed this tag, I recommend doing one of your own for fun, tag me in them so I can check some out! Until my next article! Xo