What do we do?
What do we do, again?
When we can't find love,
When we can't find trust,
When we can't find loyalty,
Even lust.
Where do we turn?
No, that doesn't seem right...
More like... what do we turn into?
Something we're not,
A people pleaser.
Or even worse a crowd pleaser.
Maybe just to fit in a little better.
The world is arrogant.
They want you to be their mirror image,
Possibly even a bit more fun.
Which makes you, weak-minded & vague.
I wish the world was happier.
If the world was happy,
Maybe then, would we have more fun?
What about if everyone was just a little less, well...
That without a question
Would be a happier world & warmer hearts.
Imagine being surrounded by so much love.
So much positivity.
So much strength.
This world would be worth living for.
What do we do, again?
When the world is lost?