katie ketch


april 29th

zodiac sign:


blood status:

harry potter and muggleborn image


Temporarily removed hufflepuff, harry potter, and cedric diggory image hufflepuff, harry potter, and aesthetic image aesthetic, hogwarts, and hufflepuff image


soft, white, and beauty image beauty, collar, and peter pan collar image dark, floral, and beauty image fashion, hair, and beauty image


fashion, black, and grunge image brown, denim, and shoes image autumn, beige, and fall image denim, fashion, and feminist image


family, ‎siwon‬, and elf image Image removed baby and juice image cute and love image
single dad who adores & spoils her relentlessly. her mother died at her birth.


witch, grunge, and patch image gold, words, and motivation image gold, white, and pale image header, icon, and pack image
feminist, very loyal - especially to her dad, fierce when something threatens those she loves, confident, sarcastic, cynical, brave


cat, animal, and cute image cat, animal, and light image Image by IAmWhatIAm cat, cute, and animal image
summer, a cheeky, playful tabby kitten

yule ball:

dress, fashion, and white image dress, vestido, and luxus image Image removed aesthetic, girl, and inspiration image

favourite places:

aesthetic, architecture, and beige image colour, floral, and orange image cross stitch, harry potter, and embroidered image red, rose, and flowers image
the great hall, the herbology greenhouses, the quidditch pitch and anywhere she can go shopping


art, artist, and artsy image cookie, food, and pale image witch, dark, and magic image diary, journal, and minimal image
journalling, baking and quidditch

favourite classes:

Temporarily removed harry potter, hogwarts, and magic image harry potter, herbology, and hogwarts image harry potter, charms, and hogwarts image


autumn, book, and fall image orange, aesthetic, and fruit image Mature image vintage, match, and indie image
apples, citrus, lit matches and cigarette smoke


girlfriend, grey, and gorgeous image daydream, hearts, and pale image connected, gold, and keys image gay, fine, and quotes image
hannah, a ravenclaw in her year. they trust each other implicitly, share everything and play pranks on each other. katie was infatuated with her for a long time before she finally got the courage to ask her out, and now she couldn't be happier.

favourite colour:

petals, rose petals, and bath image knit, sweaters, and cosy image
peachy pink (and anything pastel)


Inspiring Image on We Heart It background, pattern, and bird image


harry potter, broomsticks, and hogwarts image harry potter, broomsticks, and hogwarts image
chaser. her dad bought her a firebolt for her birthday in her third year.

stay inspired~