okay so lately i've been obsessed over the thought of going on a road trip with a group of friends so i thought why not help inspire you guys to try and do one too!

1. have a bomb ass playlist

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okay so who wouldn't want to listen to some groovy ass music while traveling for a long period of time in a car? rather you're listening to music on your own phone with your earphones plugged in, blocking everyone else out or playing music with the aux, you ALWAYS need a personal/neutral playlist that everyone in the car is okay with.
( also make sure the playlist is the same duration as the trip!)

2. pack snacks

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before you all go and start your trip, make sure you bring hella snacks that will keep everyone satisfied on the trip. we don't want to hear no, "i'm hungry" 25/8.

3. have a group of friends!

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bring a group of friends along to make the trip more fun!